NamUs hopes to connect families with missing persons

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By Taylor Riley



A Henry County family has been frantically searching for their 39-year-old since February and even though they feel they haven’t had much help, they remain positive.

And a program, new to the area, might be their saving grace.

NamUs, the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, is a database system that was developed with the help of experts from all areas of missing and unidentified person case management and investigation, including victim advocates and family members of missing persons.


Information regarding missing person cases can be submitted to NamUs by law enforcement professionals, missing person clearinghouses and the general public.

Brian Michael Scott’s family showed up to NamUs’ and the Kentucky State Police’s event on Thursday clad with his face on their T-shirts, his information and their story.

Brian Michael Scott’s family originally sought help from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office after not hearing from him as usual through phone calls or posts on Facebook in February 2018.

Christy Clark, Scott’s sister, said the last time Scott had been seen was when his friends were giving him a ride in Henry County Feb. 9. She said he told the driver to stop the car, jumped out and ran into a field on [Ky.] 146.

Camera footage showed that Scott went to the Pilot station in Pendleton at 4:30 a.m. Feb. 10, according to police. At that time, a nude man knocked on the door of several commercial trucks, asking the drivers to provide him with clothes, Sgt. Chase Dewitt said in a previous Local story. 

Later, a Love Stuff clerk also made a report of a nude man, asking for help with clothes and giving the same explanation. 

Deputies said they were able to work backward, and they found the pond where Scott had fallen in, as supported by the fact they found clothes matching the description of what Scott had been wearing that day. Deputies said previously they do not believe foul play was involved.

But the family still wants answers, and they feel law enforcement is prematurely done with the case. They searched the area where Scott was reported missing and they found one of his tennis shoes–a muddy Adidas high-top.

“It’s like nobody’s looking besides me,” Judy Aguilar, Scott’s mother, said. “We’re getting nowhere.”

The family hopes by using NamUs, they will finally get some answers.

“It could be more than what we’ve got done,” Clark said.

Approximately six families had been to the Campbellsburg Community Center by 4 p.m. on Thursday to participate in the program, according to NamUs. The families filled out a questionnaire to give law enforcement and the database more information in the case.

“(The program) helps advance the case for the agency, families and law enforcement,” Amy Dobbs, with NamUs said. “It’s the missing communication piece.”

Dobbs said “every piece of info matters,” including recording scars and markings. Even if it’s worst case scenario for the families, she said they can at least “identify the victim and return them to the family.”

Kentucky State Police spokesperson Steven Dykes mimicked that sentiment. 

“It’s continuing to get the ball rolling,” Dykes said. “(Maybe we can) finally have closure for the families. Bad news is better than no news.”

Authorities describe Brian Michael Scott as a white male with red hair and hazel eyes, but his family describes him as “mixed race.” He stands six foot tall, weighs 180 pounds and has a scar on his left eye.

Anyone with information on Scott’s whereabouts should call the Henry County Sheriff’s Office at (502) 845-2909 or the Kentucky State Police at (502) 532-6363. More information about NamUs can be found at www.NamUs.gov.




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