National Day of the Deployed

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We have many national holidays and days of observance during which we honor and celebrate significant historical events, figures and members of our society. Veterans Day, Memorial Day and POW/MIA Day are set aside to honor the service and sacrifice of our military.

One special day that is often overlooked is Oct. 26, which is the National Day of the Deployed. This day is set aside in appreciation of the men and women who have been or are currently deployed in order to defend our country. It is a day to honor the many selfless actions of military members and their loved ones across the globe. It reminds us of the sacrifices being made in homes across America every day.

Every deployment reflects the deep commitment of not only the deploying member, but of the many friends and loved ones that they are separated from who are left behind. Selfless men, women and children who are called upon to support the heroes they call mom, dad, husband, wife, brother, sister or friend.

While you are reading this there are men and women standing posts around the world. Soon, many of them will be returning home and transitioning back to civilian life. They will still need the support of their families and communities to help guide and ease their way.  

Many of us as veterans and veterans’ families have all experienced this difficult time. And as a country we have a responsibility to make sure all veterans are well served. Let us never forget that responsibility.

We ask you on Oct. 26, 2015, the fifth anniversary of the National Day of the Deployed, and throughout the entire year, to help our country never forget the sacrifices made by a few on behalf of the whole.

— Doug Noel, Commander, Henry County Unit 155, Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary