New Castle commissioner-elect charged with assault

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By Taylor Riley

 A New Castle commissioner, elected earlier this month, was charged with assault last week at the La Grange Walmart.

Charles Sevier, 49, was charged on Nov. 17 with assault, fourth degree with no visible injury after an incident involving his mother happened at the retail store in Oldham County.

La Grange Police were dispatched to Walmart after a report of domestic violence around 4 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 17. Police say that Sevier stated that he had gotten into an argument with his mother about an iPhone accessory and that he “tapped” her on the head to get her attention, according to the arrest citation.

Sevier’s mother claimed to not have any injuries but, due to her dementia, she could not recall the argument, according to police.

A witness, Michael Thomas Jr., of Sulphur, was with his wife, Linda, when he saw the event take place in an aisle at the grocery store. Michael Thomas told the Local that he and Linda were walking up one of the main aisles when Sevier and his mother, pushing a buggy, walked out of the side aisle ahead of the Thomas family.

Michael Thomas told police that he saw Sevier strike his mother with a box in his hand and tell her to “get her 75-year-old ass out of the aisle.” Michael Thomas told the Local that he heard Sevier’s mother say, “Don’t hit me,” and that’s when he and his wife confronted Sevier.

Sevier told the couple it was “none of our business,” Michael Thomas said to the Local. And Michael Thomas responded with, “the moment you hit her, you made it our business.”

Thomas said Sevier then said he’d “hit her again if he wanted to.” This is when Walmart employees stepped in and called the police.

Police obtained the camera footage from the time of the incident and said Sevier was seen striking his mother in the head two times.

“I felt sorry for his mother and mad that a son would hit his own mother,” Michael Thomas said. “It’s just a sad situation, period.”

Sevier was one of four elected to New Castle City Commission in November. With 157 votes, he received 16.68 percent of the total. Phoebe Thurman-Thompson, Harry Mitchell and Tony Kurtz were also voted onto the commission.

According to the current New Castle Mayor Denny Benham, the Kentucky League of Cities stated that a misdemeanor charge of assault, fourth degree, would not prevent Sevier from serving as a city commissioner. 

However, he said, “If it turns out to be a felony,” Benham said, there may be repercussions.

A look at the city’s code of ethics, Benham said, did not reveal any consequences for a misdemeanor assault.

Benham was voted out of the position in the November election. In January, Bobby King will become Mayor of New Castle.

Sevier did not respond to the Local’s call for comment. He posted a bond for $250 on Nov. 18. His arraignment is set for Dec. 3.