Pay attention to ongoing legislative actions

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I guess the repeal and replace rant that we have had to listen to for the last seven years was just campaign talk. 

Obviously, President Trump and the Republicans had no clue how they would change healthcare in our country for the better. They had all the power with the White House and both chambers of Congress to pass whatever they wanted, but could not come up with a plan that actually improved healthcare for the people of our country. 

The plan they tried to sell was not a healthcare plan at all. Millions of our citizens would have lost coverage and those fortunate to have coverage would have lost most of their basic services. Seniors would see premiums spike and lifetime limits reinstated.

Improving people’s healthcare needs to be at the heart and be the driving force of any legislation targeting healthcare, period. The heart of the Republican bill pushed by President Trump and Paul Ryan was not healthcare improvement for anyone.

The heart and driving force of the bill was to take as much tax money out of the current healthcare system by kicking many people off coverage. This money would then maximize funds for future tax cut legislation for corporations and the top earners. 

Tax cuts/reform will be their next move. I think the people saw this and pressured the senators and representatives to oppose the Republican “so called” healthcare bill. If so, thanks for caring about your neighbors.

Ironically, the failure by President Trump, Paul Ryan and the republicans to pass any healthcare legislation was due to the cancer in their own party known as the “Freedom Caucus.”

These representatives, our own Thomas Massie being one, remained a solid “no” vote. These representatives wanted to vote “no” because the plan didn’t throw enough people off health coverage. They just wanted to repeal and don’t replace with anything. Ryan offered to get rid of the essential benefit requirement, but this forced “moderate” republicans to change their votes to “no.” Makes you understand why John Boehner retired.

Now that President Trump, Mike Pence and Paul Ryan have demonstrated that they are severely challenged to lead their own party, I have doubts about their leadership for our country as a whole. 

Going forward, I would encourage everyone to pay attention to what is going on in our state and national legislatures. Let your representative or senator know how you feel.


— Sam Adams, Pleasureville