Pleasureville homeowner recalls moments after devestating fire

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By Collin Overton

No one was injured after a house fire on Hudson Lane in Pleasureville Thursday evening.

Pleasureville Fire & EMS got to the scene around 4:40 p.m., Chief Matt Woods said. All other county fire departments also responded.

Fire officials extinguished all of the flames by around 10 p.m., Woods said. They believe the cause of the fire was from an air conditioning unit.

Tommy Parks hadn’t been gone for even 20 minutes before returning to his house in flames.

The Pleasureville resident was in the property behind the 18th-century farmhouse tending to cattle when he returned the scene. He could feel the heat from the flames from his front door, he said.

“First, of course, I called my mom first – I don’t know why I didn’t call 911,” Parks said.

Once he did call 911, he had a hard time.

“I was having a bad time dialing, I was shakin’ pretty bad,” he said.

Like worker ants, Parks and his father moved their lawnmower, Gator utility vehicle and cars away from the fire.

The two ran frantically around the property, shutting off the electricity, water meter and propane tank near the house. Parks had little time to grab his computer, guns or any clothes or cash. By the time his neighbors got there, the smoke and flames were too severe for Parks to let them run in and save anything.

“Fortunately I just put new shoes on, so they didn’t get burnt,” Parks said.