Pleasureville needs a new fire truck

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By The Staff

In the past the City of Pleasureville has had no luck in retaining a police officer. They complain there is not enough “action” in Pleasureville. Since the city cannot afford to pay overtime, an officer would only be allowed to work 40 hours.  That leaves 128-hours per week the town is not covered.  We have more protection day and night when we don’t have an officer; through the Kentucky State Police and the Henry County Sheriff’s Office.  There are only three women at our Commission meetings that complain of not having an officer.  Everyone that has approached me after an article regarding an officer in Pleasureville has been in the Henry County Local, have said “This town does not need the expense of an officer in Pleasureville. We have better protection when we don’t have one.”

As far as a new fire truck, the answer is yes.  The older one needs to be replaced as the fire gear is on the top of the truck and it poses a danger to our firefighters.  There has been times when some of the gear has fallen off the truck and done damage to a vehicle behind the truck.  As the personnel of the  Pleasureville Fire Department are strictly volunteers, I feel their safety in responding to a fire should be of the utmost importance to each resident in this city.  After all, they may be responding to a fire at your house.  

Verna Stivers

Pleasureville City Clerk