Rick Rand for State House

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As election day — Tuesday, Nov. 6 — nears, the voters of Henry County will help decide who will represent them as their state representative in State House District 47 for the next two years. Currently we have a person who has served us as an outstanding legislator since 2003. That person is Rick Rand, someone who has always been there for the citizens of Henry County.

As a past member of Henry County Fiscal Court, and a current employee of Kentucky state government, I have witnessed on numerous occasions when there was a need for projects in Henry County to have the support and guidance from the legislature, and Rep. Rick Rand was always there for us to make sure that we were heard and supported.

Rick has earned the respect and support from both Democrats and Republicans in Frankfort for his leadership in serving as the chairman of the House Budget Committee, which helped Governor (Steve) Beshear balance the state budget without raising taxes eight times within the past five years. His ability of being able to negotiate and compromise with not only the legislative house, but with the State Senate has brought him recognition throughout the state.

There is an old saying,” That if it is not broken, don’t try to fix it.” Your consideration to vote for Rick Rand would be appreciated.

Wayne Gunnell