Should county fire departments submit annual budgets and submit to annual audits?

Should fire departments in Henry County be required to submit annual budgets, as well as 'settlement' statements and submit to an annual audit?

The Henry County Fiscal Court is considering an ordinance that would require the fire departments to do these things. If a fire department does not, under the ordinance, then the county would no longer collect deed fees for that district. The department would then return to the days of voluntary donations.

In 2009, the Henry County Sheriff's Department distributed almost $200,000 to the county's fire departments:
Campbellsburg FD $71,527.87
Eminence FD $19,825.07
Kentucky River FD $22,372.34
Lake Jericho FD $28,632.27
New Castle FD $33,750.36
Pleasureville FD $23,743.42

What do you think about the issue?