Take 5

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Mark Johnson

By Brad Bowman

Basic bio

Loyal Pittsburgh Steelers fan since the 1970s.

Campbellsburg Elementary Principal for nine years.

Played football, basketball, baseball and track in High School.

EKU bachelor’s in physical education and health.

Georgetown University for master’s in secondary education.

EKU Rank 1 for principal.

Johnson’s dad also served as a principal of Sulphur and Campbellsburg Elementary.


Tell me about your evolution of dance video on YouTube?



We have kids that are uncomfortable or  get embarrassed sometimes and I tell them  not to worry about what people think or if they will laugh at them. Dancing is a little outside my comfort zone and I saw the evolution of dance video on YouTube and I decided I could change it up. I did it to show them they shouldn’t be afraid.  I did pretty well but the newer stuff (newer dance moves) the kids had to show me how to do them. Watch it at tinyurl.com/cna2fjm.

What do you do for fun in your spare time?



I  camp a lot. We camp every couple of weeks. We have a group of about 8 to 10 campers all local people and a couple of my college friends. From Memorial Day to Labor Day we camp. We used to camp in tents but now we RV camp.

If you had not chosen education what would you have done?



If I could have done anything other than education, I would have been a weatherman.  I am a die-hard weather nerd. You know how some people watch the Weather Channel and wonder, ‘How does this boring channel stay in business?’ Well, it’s because of me. I am fascinated by it and I could watch it for hours. I tune in to the news for sports and then watch the weather I am fascinated.

What is your proudest moment?



I don’t like to brag. The easy answer is the birth of my kids. My daughter Shelby is a senior and my son Cameron is a freshmen.

What is your most embarrassing moment?



 I don’t get embarrassed much. I guess my sophomore year of high school at a basketball game would be it.

We had these warm up pants in high school for playing junior varsity.  I played a lot and started a few times and we had these warm up pants for varsity basketball so you had to put those on. The coach yelled for me to get into the game. I took off my warm up pants and I was standing there in my underwear.

People on the bench were cracking up and I didn’t make it too far down to the scoring tables. I looked over and one of the coaches threw me keys to get in the locker room so I just ran out, got my shorts and came back for the game. Everyone laughed at me and clapped.