Thanks for ag tag support

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Wow!  The news is in!  Ag Tag donations were up 9 percent from last year to 25 percent of all the farm tags renewed in this county.  The Henry County FFA is so thankful for each one of you that made the choice to donate to support your local and state FFA programs in addition to 4-H and Kentucky Proud.  

The 2012 Ag Census shows that agriculture brought in $30,669,000 to this county and employed 869 farmers, both part- and full-time, on 128,509 acres.  This shows that agriculture is alive and strong in this county.  

If you made the $10 voluntary donation to the Ag Tag program when you renewed your tags, you benefit the young people of Henry County who are looking to be the future of agriculture in this county.  There were 2,329 farm license tags renewed in the county. Of that, 591 chose to make the optional $10 donation to FFA, 4-H and Kentucky Proud. A third of the money goes to each program. 

Of the FFA money, 50 percent goes to the local chapter and the other 50 percent goes to the Kentucky State FFA Foundation to fund programs that benefit all students in the state, like Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) grants.  A student from Henry County has received an SAE grant every year I have taught.   Our local FFA chapter will get a total of $988.33 from these donations.

We want to be held accountable in the way that we utilize our funds and to do this is in a way that would make our donors proud.  This year, $544 will be used to allow members to purchase FFA jackets and scarves or ties at a cost of only $40.  Average cost is around $72.  

So 17 FFA members thank you for the privilege of being able to zip-up the blue and gold!  The remaining $444 will be used to take field trips to see some local business and farms.  

Last year, we were able to visit Allison Charolais Farm, Henry County Country Club, Starview Greenhouses and have a fencing demonstration from Precision Fence.  This year, we will continue to expose students to local success stories as they increase their knowledge of curriculum and see how people in their own county are making a living in the agricultural field.  

So again, we say thank you to those who made the $10 donation when you renewed your farm tags.  You are having a big impact in our local FFA chapter.  If you want to see the different activities that we do throughout the year please like our Facebook page “Henry County FFA.”


—Lindsey Davie, Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor