Thanks to all who helped during ‘natural disaster’

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By The Staff

Our Governor is calling it the most widespread natural disaster in our state’s history.  This was my second widespread natural disaster since taking office.   In the case of the tornadoes of 2004 and this recent ice storm, I have been extremely proud of the caring and resourceful people of this county.  At this time I would like to thank a few of those who pitched in to make the best out of the recent event.

First let me say thank you to all of you who checked on your neighbors, opened your homes up to others, cut limbs off of roads, and offered a helping hand whenever and wherever possible.  Your patience with the road and power crews was also greatly appreciated, as you gave them time to do their jobs.  In Western Kentucky there was a story of a man who blocked a road and threatened a power crew not to leave his property until his lights were back on.  Although frustrated, thankfully none of you resorted to these types of drastic measures.

On that note I would like to thank our utility and road crews who worked long hours trying to get us back to business as usual.  In the case of the county road department it took us two days to cut all of the debris off of the roads, so the actual cleaning of the snow and ice was slow going.  In addition to our seven trucks we put our backhoes and our 4-wheel drive tractor on the 220 miles of county roads to help with the removal.  Not just road department employees, but every available county employee was sent to work on the roads.  With the amount of work to do we still needed more help and I wish to thank the Henry County Water District for lending their men and equipment to help open the roads up.  I also want to thank our farmers who without pay or prodding took their tractors and equipment and helped open up the lanes and back roads of our county.

Next I would like to thank the members of our six volunteer fire departments who were all involved in the clean-up and checking on citizens in their districts.  A special thanks goes to Lake Jericho and Pleasureville Fire Departments, who along with the Kentucky State Police Post and the City of Eminence set up shelters.

On the topic of shelters I would like to commend the members of Eminence City Council for the running of the shelter at the Eminence Community Center.  This shelter was open for five days and at one point thirty three folks spent the night there.  Never was there a time that there was not a council member present.  North Central Health District sent nurses in to care for several of those staying who had health problems.  Many of the businesses in Eminence also lent a helping hand donating the food and supplies needed to run the shelter for the most part.

Last I would like to thank the magistrates of our Fiscal Court who acted as a team and took on tasks from clearing trees from roads, running backhoes, and going to get the cots for the shelters.  I would also thank DES Coordinator Bruce Owens and Area Six Emergency Management Coordinator John Bastin who have been working with the appropriate agencies to coordinate this major event clean-up.

Once again it has been proven that we live in a very special community.  Thanks again!

John Logan Brent

Henry County Judge-Executive