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  • Woodlands: a valuable natural resource and farm asset

    A common question I get from every landowner and farmer is “How can I make more money off of my land?”
    The next question, I ask is “What assets or resources do you have on your land?”
    More times than not, most will leave out their woodlands. It may even surprise you that timber is one of the largest agricultural and natural resource industries in Kentucky, and the economic impact of Kentucky’s forests and related industries contributes nearly $13 billion each year to the state’s economy.

  • Fitness beginnings: make exercise a habit; KSF August 16

    We all know we should exercise every day for better health, but fitting it in can be tricky with demands of home, family and career.
    Before you know it, you’ve fallen off the exercise wagon–it’s easy when you miss one day, then skip the next one.
    That’s why it is so important for us to make exercise a daily habit.
    Research suggests it takes 21 days of doing an activity before it becomes a habit.
    Actually, if the habit is a new or a harder one (like exercise), it can take the average person up to 66 days to form a strong habit.
    Some tips to work exercise into your day:

  • Maryellen Garrison retires but will be remembered

    This week begins a new era in the Henry County Cooperative Extension Service office. As of this past Monday, Maryellen Garrison will be enjoying a much deserved retirement after serving as a Home Economics Extension agent for 47 years.
    Thankfully we have had the benefit of having Maryellen in Henry County for 32 years and I have been grateful to spend all of my extension career of over 20 years beside her.
    Kelly, Pam, Levi and I have discussed how different the office is going to be without Maryellen.

  • The first step to fitness: Develop a plan and stick to it

    If you are just starting to work out or want to shake up your routine, developing a workout plan can keep you from burning out too quickly as you begin your fitness journey and help you stay focused on your goals.
    To get the results you want, your workout plan should include cardio exercises as well as strength training.
    Take into consideration your current fitness level and goals and customize a plan for you based on these tips from Natalie Jones, UK physical activity program coordinator with the College of Ag.

  • Volunteers make Harvest Showcase a hit; treestand safety

    Volunteers work hard to make Harvest Showcase special

    Throughout my extension career, the Harvest Showcase is always one of the largest productions and requires a great deal of preparation.
    However, without great volunteers, the Harvest Showcase could not happen, because there are so many moving parts from the food, farmers market vendors, parking, ag arena exhibits, exhibits, tractor parade and pull, trash, organization and the list keeps going on.

  • Fun, food, music, games and more at Harvest Showcase

    Have some family fun and celebrate the rich agricultural heritage that is Henry County Kentucky by bringing the whole family to Harvest Showcase.
    The event is free and open to the public at the Henry County Fairgrounds this Saturday, July 28!
    The day will open with a live broadcast on WHAS-TV with Reed Yadon, and the Chamber of Commerce Breakfast of local sausage and fresh farm eggs starts at 7:30 a.m. and runs until it is gone! The entire breakfast is locally grown or raised, as is everything else that you will taste there.

  • Sample and analyze soil for best crops and lawns
  • 19th annual Harvest Showcase July 28
  • Local 4-Hers win at state competition

    Henry County 4-Hers grabbed up several awards at the Kentucky 4-H Horse Show recently. Landen Tingle 1st place, Hunter Under Saddle 2nd place, Showmanship Taylor Sexton 1st place, Cross Rails 2nd place, Equitation 3rd place, Walk/Trot Under Saddle

  • Think about ways to keep cool this summer

    In the midst of summer, Kentucky’s extreme temperatures, high humidity and prolonged heat can make being outdoors uncomfortable and dangerous. During this time, it’s important for you to know the signs and symptoms and prevent heat-related illnesses, such as heat exhaustion, heat cramps and the most serious heat-related illness, heat stroke (also known as sun stroke).