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  • County fair sees great participation by exhibitors

    If you didn’t take the opportunity to see the exhibits at the Henry County Fair Exhibit Hall, you missed a great opportunity to see a lot of local Henry County talent.
    There were 710 total exhibits of top quality arts, crafts, home baked goodies and produce entered by 106 different individuals.
    If you did miss the Fair, be sure to plan to attend the Henry County Harvest Showcase scheduled from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, July 30, at the Henry County Fairgrounds. For more information, call us at 845-2811.  

  • Be aware of tobacco blue mold threatening East Coast crops

    By Levi Berg

    Henry County Extension Service

  • Make an early start in planning for your retirement

    We all want to get the most out of our retirement, but financially that cannot be possible if we don’t start planning for it early in our careers.
    While retirement may seem like an eternity away for you, it will come sooner than you think.  
    It is hard for me to imagine that I have been working for Cooperative Extension for 45 years. I remember when I started working retirement seemed eons away.

  • Reasons to celebrate and be thankful

    Levi Berg will soon celebrate his first anniversary as Henry County Ag Agent!  
    A year ago my article started with this… “We are very happy to be able to announce that the position of Henry County Extension Agent for Agriculture has been filled by Levi Berg, who will start on Aug. 3.”  
    It seems hard to believe that he has already been here for almost a full year, but we hope that he will stay many more.  

  • Manage to rid your pastures of this pesky critter

    By Levi Berg

    Henry County Extension Service

  • 4-H members take a walk in the woods

    By Cathy Toole

    Henry County Extension Service

  • Teen Conference held at the University of Kentucky

    By Cathy Toole, Cooperative Extension Service

  • Problems related to health and wealth go hand-in-hand

    Research has shown that there are similarities between the issues that we have with both our health and our wealth. For example problems with both start small and become accepted and carry fewer stigmas than before.

    Think about it our weight problems usually develop gradually, such as gaining three to four pounds a year. In the same way our outstanding credit card balances are also on the rise due to increased consumer spending and higher interest and/or fees on cards.

  • The spring and summer of plant diseases

    By Levi Berg, Cooperative Extension Service

    Is your garden struggling? Are your fruit trees struggling? If they aren’t, you might be one of the lucky few in the state of Kentucky.

    This year’s weather has played havoc on vegetables and fruit crops.

    The wet, cool spring and wet, hot summer has become the perfect conditions for plant diseases.

    The Kentucky Plant Disease Diagnostic lab has been processing numerous samples, and released a report of the most viewed disease this year.

  • Tips for parenting the second time around

    Many of us have fond memories of our grandfathers — the stories, the candy, the fishing lessons and life lessons we learned while visiting them. These are things we treasure and carry with us throughout our lives.

    But as family dynamics have changed, more and more grandfathers are finding the old adage of “spoil them rotten and send them home” no longer a reality.

    In fact, around 2.4 million grandparents across the United States are now raising their grandchildren.