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  • Don’t underestimate the power of poison

    Controlling poison hemlock

    I love when fall finally arrives, but I hate the arrival of certain weeds. One of those weeds is poison hemlock, and it is already in the rosette stage. Poison hemlock is originally a native of Europe, and was introduced to North America as a garden/ornamental plant. 

  • Homemakers create in community class

     For the last few years, the Henry County Homemakers in Progress has been working on adding members and building up interest in the club. It was extremely exciting to have 68 individuals from the community come and take part in a painting class that was offered last week.  

  • Hundreds attend Regional Beef Field Day

    I want to thank Johnny Allison and his crew at Allison Acres Charolais for hosting the 2018 Regional Beef Field Day.
    Johnny and his crew did a fantastic job setting up for the field day, and I am greatly appreciative of all their help.
    We had around 300 individuals attend the 2018 Regional Beef Field Day, and Johnny and his crew were the main the reason why the field day was such a success.
    I also want to thank the Henry County Cattleman’s and other cattleman’s groups for providing the dinner. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  • 4-Hers learn water, forestry, wildlife at academy

    During the last week in September, the Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Academy held its fall retreat at the Lake Cumberland 4-H Educational Center in Jabez, Kentucky. During the retreat, over 50 middle school students attended and learned about different natural resources.
    The academy is a three-year commitment in which the students concentrate on a different resource every year. The first-year scholars learn all about water while the second-year scholars concentrate on forestry and the third-year scholars are educated on wildlife.

  • Staying power keeps homemakers up-to-date


    The week, beginning, Sunday, Oct. 14 has been chosen to celebrate state homemakers.
    Henry County has a rich heritage of homemakers programs in the county. Bina Foree was the first home demonstration agent to serve the county beginning in 1939.
    Franklinton was the first club that was organized in the county, and Bina recalled that the club was a close-knit group and there was not a single soul there that was not related to someone else.

  • UK Student Roundup exposes kids to ag opportunities
  • Fall colors coming soon to a tree near you

    If you’ve been waiting all year to see beautiful fall colors in Kentucky, it is almost time. Mid-October is the beginning of the brilliant fall tree color show in Kentucky.
    Actually, these brilliant colors have been there all along; they’ve been masked by a cloak of chlorophylls, green pigments vital to a tree’s food-making process.

  • Youth Agriculture Day teaches students food origin

    The fourth graders in Henry County participated in a Youth Agriculture Day last Wednesday with the help of Henry County 4-H members, FFA officers and great volunteer leaders.
    The idea behind the field trip is for youth to learn what agricultural products are grown and produced in the county.
    While Henry County has a rich heritage of agriculture there are many students today who have never been up close to a calf, chicken or goat.
    While there are fields of tobacco, soybeans and corn that line our highways many youth cannot identify the crops grown in the county.

  • Kentucky Chautauqua Thursday at Twin Oaks
  • Keep grain bin safety in mind; it may save lives

    First off, I want to thank all of those that donated funds and time to create a massively successful first ever Henry County Youth Livestock Auction. The Henry County Youth Livestock Foundation put their hearts into this auction, and it showed.
    All projects from 4-H Livestock members, 4-H Fur and Feathers members and FFA member brought great prices, but the most impressive part was how supportive and generous the community was toward our youth. It makes me proud to be able to work in this fantastic county.

    Grain bin safety