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  • Kentucky Chautauqua Thursday at Twin Oaks
  • Keep grain bin safety in mind; it may save lives

    First off, I want to thank all of those that donated funds and time to create a massively successful first ever Henry County Youth Livestock Auction. The Henry County Youth Livestock Foundation put their hearts into this auction, and it showed.
    All projects from 4-H Livestock members, 4-H Fur and Feathers members and FFA member brought great prices, but the most impressive part was how supportive and generous the community was toward our youth. It makes me proud to be able to work in this fantastic county.

    Grain bin safety

  • Garden tillers and cover crops sure sign of fall

    Remember when the older, wiser gardeners always said, “Make sure to fall-till your garden for a good crop next year?”
    Well, they are right, and you should make sure to till your garden before winter.
    However, there is more you can do to protect your garden and give it an earlier start for next year–that is, by planting cover crops.

  • Seniors learn to identify local issues at conference

    4-H strives to give youth the skills they need to be adults who are actively engaged in their communities.
    Since 1989, Kentucky 4-H has given its senior members an opportunity to attend the four-day statewide Issues Conference to learn how to identify and address local issues while developing their leadership and citizenship skills.

  • Watch for first sign of frost to keep cattle healthy

    Crazy enough, fall is around the corner, and that means we need to watch for potential frosts. The National Weather Service for Louisville states that the average first fall frost is around the end of October, but a frost can come at any time.

  • 4-H continues through high school years

    Henry County 4-H is ready to kick off a new program year beginning in October, and there are lots of clubs and activities to join. If you are between the ages of 9 and 19 then you should check out 4-H.
    There are many excellent reasons to join 4-H. Here are just a few:
    Research has shown that active 4-Hers have a higher academic competence and higher school engagement.
    • They are four times more likely to make contributions to their communities.
    • They are two times more likely to be civically active.
    • They are two times more likely to make healthier choices.

  • Software eases record-keeping headaches

    Record-keeping may not be every farmer’s favorite activity, and probably not the reason someone chooses farming as a career.
    With time, patience and a commitment to get it done, it can make your financial life a lot less stressful.
    Record-keeping doesn’t have to be difficult.
    It’s a way to keep track of things about your operation that will help you make better long-term decisions.
    You can use a ledger book or a computer—whatever helps you maintain consistency.
    Software programs can make your data more meaningful.

  • 4-H continues through high school years

    Kentucky 4-H offers programs to help youth gain skills as they grow so they can ultimately become successful adults.
    As youth progress into middle and high school, 4-H continues to open doors through various leadership opportunities.
    Teens have the chance to complete projects and learn new skills on a higher level as senior-level 4-Hers, and they also have several leadership opportunities. While leadership training starts as soon as someone enrolls in 4-H, many young people become leaders of local clubs early on, as many of the statewide leadership roles are only available to teens.

  • Safety essential on county roads at harvest time

    It seems like the summer was hardly here and passed too fast. It is even harder to think that harvest season will soon be here.
    Grain farmers will be in the fields with combines, and cattle producers will be chopping corn for silage. This activity means that tractors and farm equipment will be on the roads, and drivers and equipment operators need to safely share the road.
    Motorist driving roads with agricultural equipment:
    • Slow down. Remember the top speed for tractors is around 20 mph, so slow down to give yourself the time and space to assess the situation.

  • Make packing school lunch fun; follow these tips

    A new school year brings many exciting changes. As parents, one way you can add some excitement into your young person’s school day is by mixing it up when it comes to their lunch.
    You might be thinking there is nothing exciting about packing a lunch, but with a little planning and preparation, it can even become fun for you.