• The Meaning of Success

    By Lance Minnis

    The topic of success has been on my mind and in my conversation lately.

    A quick web dictionary search brings up several interesting definitions. My favorite, and the broadest, is simply “a result, or outcome.” Therefore, any result is a “success.” Probably the most commonly understood is ”the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted” i.e. the completion of any task that has been planned and seen to its conclusion.

  • The Season Heats

    It is always a pleasure to welcome new members, and Crowe’s Chase, located on Little Dixie Road, is one of those non-profits that is working to make a beautiful area of eastern Henry County an ecological showcase.

  • Unemployment in 78 counties up

    Unemployment rates increased in 88 Kentucky counties between June 2012 and June 2013, while 26 county rates fell and six stayed the same, according to the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training, an agency of the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet.

  • Stay productive, not busy

    By Lance Minnis

    Two weeks ago, I went riding on my new bicycle out of Eminence and into the countryside. My thoughts as rambling as my bike, I let my mind wander across the scenery, and whatever fancies occurred as I rode.

    As I came cycling over a hill, I saw a man on his expensive zero turn riding mower cutting the grass of an enormous yard. At least 20 acres in size, the poor man must cut that grass at least once per week, at the cost of several hours each time.

  • First Business Expo is in the books

    The Henry County Chamber of Commerce held its first Business Expo even though the spring weather was not the normal variety.

    Last Saturday at the KY Renaissance Fairegrounds, we had 30 businesses set up to share with the public what they offer.  The Renaissance Faire cast wandered the grounds, sharing their talents with the attendees. 

  • Spotlight on Eminence Speaker: April Sute

    Submitted by Josh Martin

  • New food trends mean opportunity

    By Lance Minnis


    Recent years have seen new trends in America’s foodways.

    The growth of Farmer’s Markets, CSAs, and restaurants that serve locally sourced food show that consumers are hungry for fresher, healthier options where they feel a relationship to the grower and the land, and where they have some say over what’s put in their bodies.

    Many things have fed into this trend, most notably environmental issues and the increased awareness of the health dangers of processed foods from factories and mills.

  • Welcome to new members; business expo is coming soon

    Spring has finally arrived, and the Chamber is looking forward to our Business Expo on May 11.

    We are welcoming a number of new members who will be at the Expo to share with you information about their businesses as well as many of our long time members who look forward to making new friends.

  • Unemployment down in 91 counties

    Unemployment rates fell in 91 Kentucky counties between February 2012 and February 2013, while 26 county rates increased and three stayed the same, according to the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training, an agency of the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet.

  • Create a people culture

    By Lance Minnis


    In last month’s column I talked about some of the things an entrepreneur needs to get started- marketing, financing, etc- but left the most important until now. This is the people.