Local News

  • Friends bring more quality programs to the library

    Friends are an essential part of life. They provide support and add enjoyment.  The same may be said about the nonprofit organization Friends of the Library.
    Henry County Public Library’s Friends of the Library organization supports the institution and community by exhausting every opportunity to provide funding for programs.
    One such resource, Ohio Valley United Charities, grants funds to nonprofits in five Kentucky counties – Henry, Carroll, Gallatin, Owen and Trimble Counties and recently granted $5,000 to Friends from its donations.

  • Eastern Elementary teacher wins statewide conservation award

    In three years at Eastern Elementary, arts and humanities teacher Robin Tillman continues to expose her young pupils to conservation concepts through hands-on activities, and her activities have won her the Kentucky Association of Conservation Districts (KACD) Teacher of the Year award.

    The teacher’s latest accomplishment grew from a nomination for the statewide honor by the local Henry County Conservation District (HCCD). 

  • Pleasureville homeowner recalls moments after devestating fire

    No one was injured after a house fire on Hudson Lane in Pleasureville Thursday evening.

    Pleasureville Fire & EMS got to the scene around 4:40 p.m., Chief Matt Woods said. All other county fire departments also responded.

    Fire officials extinguished all of the flames by around 10 p.m., Woods said. They believe the cause of the fire was from an air conditioning unit.

    Tommy Parks hadn’t been gone for even 20 minutes before returning to his house in flames.

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  • Rabbit Hole supporters start petition
  • Japanese beetles ruin your day and your garden

    Sometimes, I have requests about subjects for my articles, and this week I got one — Japanese beetle control.
    These little critters have gotten into just about everything this year.
    A Japanese beetle is a 3/8-inch long metallic green beetle with copper-brown wing covers.
    They also have small white spots around their wing covers and down their abdomen.
    The reason these beetles are a problem is because they can feed on over 300 species of plants ranging from roses to poison ivy.
    They usually feed in groups, starting at the top of the plant and working their ways down.

  • Remember sun protection at the county fair

    After a long winter, many of us want to spend as much time as possible outdoors.
    As you venture outside, remember to protect yourself from sun and heat, no matter your age.
    Anyone who spends a considerable amount of time out in the sun with unprotected, exposed skin runs the risk of developing skin cancer.
    The fairer your skin, the greater your risk. Oftentimes, parents remember to put sunscreen on their young children but forget about protecting themselves.

    Older adults may choose not to wear sunscreen thinking, “the damage has already been done.” This is far from the truth.

  • Drennon Springs

    History lovers throughout the community gathered at a Henry County Historical Society event on June 19 to celebrate the storied history of Drennon Springs. Drennon Christian Church hosted with trademarked Henry County hospitality.

  • Berry Center gets $14,000 grant to promote culture in county

    The Berry Center, located in New Castle, received a large grant recently from the National Endowment for the Arts.

    The Agrarian Literary League with the Berry Center is the recipient of a grant of $14,700 to host the National Endowment for the Arts Big Read in Henry County.

    “The National Endowment for the Arts is proud to support opportunities for communities across the nation, both small and large, to take part in the NEA Big Read,” said NEA Acting Chairman Mary Anne Carter.

  • Broadband internet planned for county

    Henry County will be among the first counties to receive fiber optic cable from KentuckyWired, a public-private partnership that seeks to deliver broadband internet to all 120 counties.

     Jim Askins, a representative with contractor NG-KIH Design Build LLC and the KentuckyWired Project, went into detail at the June Henry County Fiscal Court Meeting. Making high speed internet more available in the county could bring economic and educational benefits, he said.