Local News

  • Henry County native killed at Shelby County meth lab

    A Henry County native was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at a meth lab at Mulberry Pike in northern Shelby County Monday.

    Henry County Coroner James Pollard said Christopher Booth, 33, was living in Shelby County.

    Kentucky State Police troopers  were checking out a missing person complaint Monday afternoon, when they heard a gun shot ring out inside the residence, a report said.

  • Henry County Historical Society hosts Simon Kenton

    Daniel Boone eclipses most historical figures in Kentucky’s pioneer narratives, but Mel Hankla’s portrayal of Simon Kenton may change that.

    Hankla, a Kentucky Chautauqua actor, will portray the pioneer who went, at the age of 16, under the name Simon Butler for 11 years thinking he had killed another man in a fight over a woman and fled Virginia. Kenton fled into parts of what was known to be Kentucky, Ohio and Virginia and hunted along the Ohio River.

  • Take 5 with Whitney Christiansen

    Take 5 with EHS Teacher Whitney Christiansen

    EHS freshmen and sophomore English and drama teacher

    Harrodsburg native

    Mercer County High School graduate

    Centre College BA in English Minor in theater and history

    What did you do after college?

  • HC goat goes Diva

    By Melissa Blankenship

    Landmark News Service

    Georgia is a long way to go for a bra fitting, especially if you’re a goat.

    But that’s exactly where Betty, an “extremely well-endowed” Myotonic goat, went to get a little special attention from Cynthia Richards and Molly Hopkins of the Lifetime Channel reality show “Double Divas.”

    The premise of the show is that the owners design and create custom lingerie, especially bras, for clients with special needs. Betty certainly has special needs.

  • Dreams take flight

    Dr. Tim Smith never wanted to teach from just a textbook.

  • Hammer Smith nails award

    submitted by Pat Wallace

    Earl Thomas “Hammer” Smith is the seventh winner of the Patrick Henry Award presented by the Henry County Chamber of Commerce, Eminence Rotary Club and the Henry County Historical Society. Hammer’s contributions to Henry County cover many years and range from teaching social studies at Henry County High School to being mayor of New Castle and serving on both the volunteer fire department and emergency squad.

  • From Mobley Stand to Bethlehem

    For decades, people from across the nation and several foreign countries send their Christmas cards to the little town of Bethlehem.

    The cards are sent there for the Bethlehem postmark and the ‘Three Wise Man’ cachet, designed by Mrs. Lee Peyton beginning in 1947, and may now include the town’s new stamp. The place once known as Mobley Stand bustled with the loud sounds of industry and innovative ideas.

  • Rankin began career with vehicle enforcement

    By Steve Doyle

    Landmark News Service

    Todd Rankin, the newest officer with the Simpsonville Police Department, may be familiar to some folks around Shelby County even before he puts on a uniform.

    Rankin, a former officer with Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement and most recently with Eminence Police Department, swore Wednesday morning that he never had fought a duel and would uphold the duties in his official ceremony before Mayor Steve Eden at Simpsonville City Hall.

  • Tintype is a piece of Henry History

    Tintype photographs populated the personal landscape of the Civil War era and most of the mid to late 1800s. 

    A Henry County resident recently purchased a tintype with the name of a Henry County resident Rosa (Rose) Timoney Hermans. Octacvia Tacy Lewis gave birth to Timoney in 1854 in Athens, Ohio. Timoney married James Hermans and lived in Eminence. Hermans died Feb. 11, 1932, in Henry County. No further photographic evidence can be found to ascertain whether the person in the tintype matches the same county resident named on the tintype’s paper case.

  • Take 5 with Sharon Bright

    Eastern 1-8th grade

    Henry County High School Graduate

    Married 38 years

    Two children

    B.A. Kentucky State University
    Masters UofL

    Rank 1 UofL


    What made you decide a career in education?

    I was very involved with the youth at my church. My husband said that I should think about going into teaching.