Public Records

  • Public Records - Jan. 16, 2019


    Yaya Soumare, 34, Louisville — arrested Jan. 7 for failure to appear

    Michael Thornton, 34, Covington — arrested Jan. 8 for criminal mischief and DUI, second, aggravated

    Michael Tharp, Campbellsburg — arrested Jan. 10 for failure to appear

    Chancellor Morris, 18, New Castle — arrested Jan. 12 for menacing and resisting arrest


  • Public Records - Jan. 9, 2019


    Johnnie L. Boykin, 31, La Grange — arrested Dec. 29 for careless driving and operating a motor vehicle under the influence, .08, first offense

    Rose M. Mahuron, 58, Pleasureville — arrested Dec. 29 for a bench warrant, Shelby


    Lillian Burdick, Eminence, party of the first part; to Cortney Clubb, trustee, New Castle, party of the second part; and Lillian Burdick, Eminence, party of the third part; to Alma Hyatt, Eminence; lot, Thorne Heights Addition to Eminence; $48,600

  • Public Record - Jan. 2, 2019


    Patrick Hill, 57, Campbellsburg — arrested Dec. 19 for criminal tresspass, third

    Jamaal Taylor, 35, Louisville — arrested Dec. 20 for failure to appear

    Michael Thress, 56, Covington — arrested Dec. 20 for DUI, first; possession of a controlled substance, third, drug unspecified; careless driving; failure of owner to maintain registration/insurance, first; and no registration plate

    Faith Oman, 18, Bredding — arrested Dec. 21 for failure to appear

  • Public Record - Dec. 26, 2018

     Editor’s note: Due to a short Christmas week deadline, we were unable to print law enforcement reports in this issue. Arrests will be added to next week’s public record.

    Property transfers

    Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, Coppell, Texas, to Beth Ann Rader, Eminence; 5809 Smithfield Road, Smithfield; $54,500

    B&B Porter Enterprises, LLC, Shelbyville, to Kayla J. Engle and Daniel Coulter; 1044 New Castle Ct., New Castle; $129,000

  • Public Record - Dec. 19, 2018


    Devin Samuel Ray Brown, 22, Louisville — arrested Dec. 2 for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia

    Patrick Larome Lewis Jr., Memphis, Tennessee for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia

    Brian Patrick Mattingly, 37, Louisville — arrested Dec. 3 for speeding 20 mph over the limit, failure to wear seatbelt, operating on a suspended or revoked license, failure to surrender revoked license and failure to appear

  • Public Record - Dec. 12, 2018


    Corey Adair, 36, Bedford — arrested Dec. 6 for failure to appear

    Patrick Hill, 57, Campbellsburg — arrested Dec. 6 for receiving stolen property under $10,000

    Mark Cull, 62, Indiana — arrested Dec. 6 for nonpayment of court fees or fines

    Mark Arnold, 19, Sherman, Maine — arrested Dec. 7 for criminal abuse, victim under 12

    James Callahan, 72, Eminence — arrested Dec. 7 for opperating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, first offense

  • Public Record - Dec. 5, 2018


    Sabrina Lynn Smith, 22, New Castle, and Frank Tanner Doll, 23, New Castle


    Jaleesia Lynette Baker, 30, Eminence, and David Nathaniel Baker, 29, Eminence

    Jason Curtis Vaughn, 40, Eminence, and Jodie Ivers Vaughn, 40, Eminence

    Stephanie Dawn Decker, 40, New Castle, and Jeremy Thomas Decker, 40, New Castle

    Leslie Brooke Nolin, 38, Smithfield, and John Lee Raisor, 48, Campbellsburg

    Diane Louise Allen, 50, La Grange, and Scott Brian Crittenden, 55, La Grange


  • Public Record - Nov. 28, 2018


    Lindsey Casey, 34, Pleasureville, failure to appear

    Larry Farmer, 48, Pendleton, shoplifting

    Kellie Payton, 37, Louisville, failure to appear

    Jill McDonald, 41, Dry Ridge, careless driving, expired registration, failure to produce insurance card, failure to wear seatbelt, driving on suspended operator’s license, DUI 1st offense, possession of alcoholic beverage in motor vehicle, failure to notify department of transfer of address change

  • Public Record - Nov. 21, 2018

    Editor's Note: a portion of the Henry County Sheriff's charges reported on Wednesday, Nov. 21 against Chase Howard were inaccurate. Howard was not charged with heroin and drug paraphernalia possession, but was arrested Oct. 28 for DUI; reckless driving; possession of an open container in a motor vehicle; and speeding, 16 mph over limit. We apologize for the inaccurate report.


    Austin Downey, 25, La Grange — arrested Nov. 5 for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon

  • Public Records - Nov. 14, 2018


    Paul J. Price, 29, Pleasureville — arrested Nov. 6 for no registration plates, no registration receipt and operating on a suspended or revoked license

    Antonio E. Martinez, 19, Shelbyville — arrested Nov. 8 for sodomy, first, victom under 12 years old

    Property transfers

    David L. and Emma J. Harris, Turners Station, to Daniel Edward Rueff and Leslie Carman Rueff, Louisville; 153 Sorrell Lane, Turners Station; $216,019