Public Records

  • Public Records June 27, 2018

    Michael S. Mings, 24, Westpoint — arrested June 3 on Vernon Avenue for a bench warrant, Shelby, and operating a motor vehicle on a suspended or revoked license
    Desarea C. Ortego, 24, Eminence — arrested June 8 on North Main Street for two bench warrants, Jefferson and Boone
    Shawn A. Allen, 30 Eminence — arrested June 10 on Apache Circle for assault, fourth, domestic violence, minor injury
    Kenneth R. Estes, 60, Eminence — arrested June 13 on Sulphur Avenue for assault, fourth, domestic violence, minor injury, and terroristic threatening, third

  • Public Record - June 20, 2018

    Robert Greenwell — arrested June 1 for assault, fourth, domestic; menacing; and criminal mischief
    Lisa Modesty — arrested June 2 for operating a motor vehicle under the influence
    Charles Murphy — arrested June 4 for failure to pay fines
    Krystal Cobb — arrested June 4 for criminal mischief and criminal littering
    Glenda Holcomb — arrested June 4 for a probation violation
    Desmond J. Mason — arrested June 5 for assault, fourth
    Michael Mcanelly — arrested June 6 for failure to appear, Jefferson

  • Public Record June 13, 2018

    Danny Morganett, 33, La Grange — arrested May 21 on Goodlett Circle, Smithfield, by Trooper Smith for contempt of court, libel/slander, resisting an order
    Donald Moore, 54, Campbellsburg — arrested May 21 on Skidmmore Lane, Campbellsburg, by Trooper Johnson for warrant service
    Kayla Jackson, 26, Smithfield — arrested May 23 on La Grange Road, New Castle, by Trooper Housley for warrant service, failure to appar; assault, fourth, domestic violence, minor injury

  • Public Record June 6, 2018
  • Public Record May 30, 2018
  • Public Records May 23, 2018

    Brent Boyer, 58, Turners Station — arrested May 17 on Main Street, Campbellsburg, by Trooper Ferris for rear license plate not illuminated; failure to produce insurance card; and operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs; .08, first
    Hood E. Corban, 48, Kingsman, Arizona — arrested May 17 on Pendleton Road, Sulphur, by Trooper Housley for theft by taking or distributing, under $500, and alcohol intoxication in a public place
    Mitchell Tharp, 33, Carrollton — arrested May 18 on Citation Lane, Campbellsburg, by Trooper Staubach for sodomy, first

  • Public Record May 16, 2018

    KSP arrests
    Shelia Barnes, 50, Pleasureville — arrested May 9 on Ballardsville Road, Eminence, by Trooper Housley for speeding 26 mph over the limit, reckless driving and DUI, first, aggravated
    Barbara Yocum, 25, Glencoe — arrested May 9 on N. Main Street, Eminence by Trooper Smith for a fugitive warrant from another state
    Shane P. Walters, 29, Park Hills — arrested May 10 at I-71, mile marker 24, by Trooper Housley for reckless driving; DUI, first, aggravated; and possession of an open alcoholic beverage container in a motor vehicle

  • Public Record May 9, 2018

    KSP arrests
    Paula Raisor, 29, Pleasureville — arrested April 30 on Main Street, Pleasureville, by Trooper Ferris for a probation violation, felony
    Michael Wayne Jackson, 58, Eminence — arrested May 2 on Elm Street, Eminence, by Trooper Housley for assault, fourth degree, domestic violence, minor injury

  • Public Records May 2, 2018

    KSP arrests
    Sheila Porter, 44, Pendleton — arrested April 24 at Pendleton Road, Sulphur, by Trooper Brown for failure to appear; non-payment of court cost or fines; probation violation, felony offense, leaving the scene of an accident, providing false identification to an officer; criminal mischief, second; possesson of a controlled substance, first, meth; possession of a controlled substance, first, heroin; possession of drug paraphernalia; operating on a suspended license; failure to maintain insurance, first; and DUI, first.

  • Public Record April 25, 2018

    Michael T. Hart, 22, Sulphur — arrested April 17 at Sulphur Road, New Castle, by Trooper Ferris for assault, fourth, domestic violence; and possession of a handgun by a convicted felon
    Reba E. Truman, 23, Campbellsburg — arrested April 19 at McCoun Road, Smithfield, by Trooper Johnson for hindering prosecution, first