Public Records

  • Public Records, February 17, 2016

    EPD arrests

    Alexander Delgadillo, DOB 1/2/1997, Eminence — arrested Feb. 9 at Blackaby Lane by Officer Parham for three bench warrants for court from Shelby, Henry and Carroll counties 

    Linda Adams, DOB 9/30/1965, Pleasureville — arrested Feb. 10 at West Broadway by Officer Parham for careless driving and operating a motor vehicle under the influence, first

  • Public Records, February 10, 2016

    KSP arrests

    Jasmine Williams, DOB 11/15/1995, Calhoun, Ga. — arrested Feb. 1 at Interstate 71 near the 34 mile marker south bound by Trooper Johnson for possession of marijuana

    Joseph Probus, DOB 9-17-1975, Louisville — arrested Feb. 2 at Interstate 71 near the 35 mile marker by Trooper Ferris for possession of a controlled substance; prescription controlled substance not in proper container; license to be in possession

  • Public Records, February 3, 2016

    KSP arrests

    Daniel Marcum, DOB 6/2/1977, Campbellsburg — arrested Jan. 27 at New Cut Road by Trooper Whalen for a warrant

    Robert Heitzman, DOB 9/22/1956, Campbellsburg — arrested Jan. 29 at North Second Street, Campbellsburg by Trooper Sturgill for rape, first

  • Public Records Jan. 27, 2016

    KSP arrests

    Curtis Ellis, DOB 11-21-1986, New Castle — arrested Jan. 13 at Main Street, Pleasureville, by Trooper Brewer for a warrant

    Natalie Wood, DOB 5-17-1975, Milton — arrested Jan. 15 at Citation Lane, Campbellsburg, by Trooper McCormick for fugitive from another state

    Darrell Hall, DOB 1-12-1975, Smithfield — arrested Jan. 16 at Graves Drive by Trooper Sturgill for assault, fourth, domestic violence

  • Public Records, January 20, 2016

    Arraignments HC Circuit Court, January 2016

    Ricky Lee Penick – pleaded not guilty to burglary, first degree; assault, second degree; and assault, fourth degree, domestic violence, minor injury

    Steven T. Cook – pleaded not guilty to trafficking in a controlled substance, first degree, first offense (methamphetamine)

  • Public records for Jan. 13, 2016

    KSP arrests
    John Patterson, DOB 2-27-1987, Campbellsburg — arrested Jan. 4 at Darlene Court by Trooper McCormick for possession of a controlled substance, first degree, first offense
    Shane Sullivan, DOB 10-25-1992, Lawrenceburg — arrested Jan. 7 at Castle Highway by Trooper Hunter for a warrant
    Whiteney Rankin, DOB 12-18-1988, Pleasureville — arrested Jan. 8 at Hillspring Road by Trooper McCormick for a warrant
    EDP arrests

  • Public record for 01/06/2016

    KSP arrests
    Montrel Hobbs, DOB 10-3-1993, Louisville — arrested Dec. 29 at Turners Station Road by Trooper Sturgill for a warrant
    Paul Perius, DOB 7-1-1994, Leander, Texas — arrested Dec. 29 at Interstate 71, north bound at Campbellsburg by Trooper Whalen for possession of marijuana

  • Public record for 12/30/2015

    KSP arrests
    Matthew Jagger, DOB 7/17/1977, Pewee Valley — arrested Dec. 24 at Main Street, Campbellsburg, by Trooper McCormick for DUI; speeding; careless driving; failure to or improper signal
    Danielle Delillo, DOB 6/20/1975, Louisville — arrested Dec. 27 at Lake Road by Trooper Hunter for a warrant
    EPD arrests
    James Ingram, DOB 11/22/1959, New Castle — arrested Dec. 23 at North Main Street by Officer Wells for alcohol intoxication in a public place, first and second offense.

  • Public Records, December 23, 2015

    Grand Jury Indictments, Dec. 2015

    Maurice M. Hambric, DOB 12/05/1980, Louisville – possession of a handgun by a convicted felon; operating on a suspended/revoked operator’s license; failure of non-owner to maintain required insurance/security, first offense; giving peace officer a false name/address; no or expired Kentucky registration plate; no or expired Kentucky registration receipt; and persistent felony offender, first degree

  • Public Records, December 16, 2015

    KSP Arrests

    Kenneth Moore, DOB 7/3/1978, Erlanger — arrested Dec. 8 at Campbellsburg Road by Trooper Lawson for DUI, first

    James Walker, DOB 10/28/1993, Campbellsburg — arrested Dec. 9 at Summitt Road by Trooper Whalen for a warrant

    John Patterson, DOB 2/27/1987, Campbellsburg — arrested Dec. 10 at Randell Drive by Trooper Dykes for a warrant