Public Records

  • Public Record, Sept. 30, 2015

    KSP arrests

    Ricky Greenwood Jr., 22, Pleasureville — arrested Sept. 14 at E. Cross Main, New Castle, by Trooper Ferris for burglary; TBUT, leaving scene of accident

    Catherine Fultz, 35, New Castle — arrested Sept. 14 at Henry County Sheriff’s Office by Trooper Samu for false statement and concealment of facts; falsely reporting an incident

  • Public records for 9-23-2015

    KSP arrests
    Barry Marsee, 52, Smithfield — arrested Sept. 7 at 167 David Drive by Trooper Sturgil for alcohol intoxication
    Scotty Stevens, 43, La Grange — arrested Sept. 8 at Manor Drive by Trooper Ferris for execution of a warrant
    Tina Sharber, 52, La Grange — arrested Sept. 13 at West Cross Main Street, New Castle, by Trooper Dykes for DUI
    Douglas Ransdell, 38,  Crestwood — arrested Sept. 13 at Main Street, Campbellsburg, by Trooper Sturgil for speed and possession of marijuana
    EPD arrests

  • Public records for 9-16-2015

    KSP arrests
    Deonte Cross, 28, Louisville — arrested Sept. 2 at I71 33 MM SB by Trooper Dykes for speeding; reckless driving; following too close; no registration; improper use of left lane; no insurance
    Corey Woosley, 23, La Grange — arrested Sept. 5 at the intersection of Broko and La Grange Road, by Trooper Sturgil for possession of a controlled substance (unspecified); DUI first; prescription not in correct container

  • Public Records, September 9, 2015

    HC Sheriff’s Arrests

    William C. Gordon- arrested Aug. 31 by Deputy Murray for fraudulent use of a credit card, Henry County

    Thomas C. Downey – arrested Aug. 31 by Deputy Nelson for contempt of court – failure to appear, Henry County

    Trace Gaines – arrested Aug. 31 by Deputy Cravens for failure to pay, Henry County

  • Public Records, September 2, 2015

    Grand Jury Indictments, August 2015

    Brian K. Lindsey, DOB 11/29/1979, New Castle – possession of a controlled substance, first degree, first offense (heroin); possession of a controlled substance, first degree, first offense (fentanyl); and possession of drug paraphernalia

    Mark J. Koenig, DOB 01/18/1976, Sulphur – theft by unlawful taking or disposition over $500; and persistent felony offender, first degree

  • Public Records, August 26, 2015

    KSP arrests

    Kody R. Smith, 22, Owenton — arrested Aug. 12 at Citation Lane, Campbellsburg, by Trooper Sudduth for robbery, first

    Darrin A. Owens, 31, New Castle  — arrested Aug. 13 at 1659 LaGrange Road, New Castle, by Trooper Dykes for execution of a bench warrant

  • Public Record, August 19, 2015

    EPD arrests 

    Bonnie Shuck, DOB 6/7/1962, Pleasureville — arrested Aug. 11 at Elm Street by Officer Parham for speeding 11 mph over the limit; careless driving; and operating a motor vehicle under the influence

    Daniel Marcum, DOB 6/2/1977, Campbellsburg — arrested Aug. 13 at Sulphur Avenue by Officer Bailey as a fugitive from another state; and drug paraphernalia – buy or possess

  • Public record, Aug. 12, 2015

    KSP arrests
    Randy Hedges, 34, Crestwood — arrested Aug. 4 at Campbellsburg Road, Campbellsburg, by Trooper Dykes for failure to wear seatbelt; following another vehicle too closely; DUI 1st; failure to produce insurance card; file of transferee of vehicle to apply for new title
    Jason A. Thomas, 37, New Castle — arrested Aug. 5 at Osage Court, New Castle, by Trooper Brewer for execution of two warrants
    Breann H. Larsh, 22, Bloomfield — arrested Aug. 5 at Nancye Lane, Pleasureville, by Trooper Dykes for execution of a warrant

  • Public Records, August 5, 2015

    KSP arrests

    Robert N. Dattilo, 31, LaGrange — arrested July 29 at LaGrange Road, Sulphur, by Trooper Ferris for DUI 1st; license to be in possession; operating a motor vehicle with one headlight

    Rodney Clark Jr., 28, Louisville — arrested Aug. 1 at I-71 36 MM NB, Campbellsburg, by Trooper Stucker for execution of a warrant

  • Public Records, July 29, 2015

    Grand Jury Indictments, July 2015

    Dustin B. Duncan, DOB 03/29/1995, Pleasureville – trafficking in marijuana over 8 ounces, enhanced; trafficking in a controlled substance first degree (lysergic acid diethylamide aka LSD); possession of drug paraphernalia; and cultivation of marijuana less than five plants, first offense