Public Records

  • Public Record for the week of Jan. 15

    Sheriff Arrests

    Gary Wells, TBD-including cold checks under $500, arrested by Rick Nelson 1/6.

    Timothy Way, FTA, arrested by Rick Nelson on 1/9.

    Tiffany Gibbs, probation violation, arrested by Rick Nelson on 1/9.

    Christopher Corbett, flagrant nonsupport, arrested by Rick Nelson 1/9.

    Jessica Arvin, POCS meth 1st degree, drug paraphernalia, manufacturing methamphetamine 1st degree, POCS meth 1st degree (Trimble County), unlawful distribution of a meth precursor, arrested by Rick Nelson 1/9.

    KSP Arrests

  • Public Record for the week of Jan. 8


    Cynthia Sandlin, 53, Turners Station to Leslie Poling, 63, Turners Station.

    Saddie Love, 30, Campbellsburg to Donald Deimling Jr., 25, Campbellsburg.


    Eric Roesch, 41, Pleasureville from Jessica Morrow, 35, Pleasureville

    Property Transfers

    Ricky Doyle II, Westport to Courtney Masters, La Grange, Lot #22 of Stonehurst Subdivision $10,500.

  • Public Record for the week of December 31


    Bonnie Lynn Brock, 38, Pleasureville to Leslie Todd Rankin, 44, Pleasureville.


    Tyler Wilkerson, 39, Smithfield from Donna Wallace, 35, Smithfield

    Thomas Gene Nicholson, 26, Eminence from Kathie Holland, 19, Shelbyville

    Property Transfers

    Estate of Morris Steven Cook, by and through Jason Brown Executor, Shelby to Gary Cook, Eminence a lot butting Blackaby Lane, Eminence $3,500.

  • Public records week of Dec. 11

    Stephany Barr, 24, Pleasureville, to Steven Gallentine, 23, Pleasureville.

    Daniel Keith Barr, 26, of Florida, Stephany Barr, 24, Pleasureville.

    Property Transfers
    Gayla and James Maroney, Bedford, and Joyce Monroe, Bedford, to Apostolic Penetcostal Church of Campbellsburg, Campbellsburg, two tracts: tract 1 one house and lot in town of Old Campbellsburg, tract 2 house and lot in town of Old Campbellsburg for $110,000.

  • Public records week of Dec. 4

    Bonnie Martin, 54, Smithfield to Roland Duke, 54, Smithfield.

    Property Transfers
    Patricia Murphy, acting by and through Patricia Murphy, her attorney in fact, Louisville, to Michael A. Murphy and Kathleen Dowling, Smithfield, property in Henry County, with love and affection, fair cash value $92,040.48
    Brenda C. Kelley, Campbellsburg to Raymond Payton, Sulphur, a house in Campbellsburg for $79,500.

  • Public Record for the week of Nov. 27

    District Court


    Monday, Nov. 18

    Judge Jerry D. Crosby II

    Amelia Frances Meadows, 1961, charge from 8/23: receiving stolen property under $500, continued to 12/16 for DM.

    Ernest M. Smothers, 1953, charges from 9/23/12: operating motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs, BAC .08, 1st offense, FTA, issue DOT, no ADE and no license, court notice to defendant, continued to 12/2.

  • Tax bills fuel public ire

    Eminence residents speak out at EIS school board meeting

    By Brad Bowman


    Eminence residents voiced their concerns over the EIS tax increase at last week’s board meeting after receiving the district’s separate billing the day before.

  • Public Record for the week of Nov. 20


    Angela Zweydorf, Indiana, 42, to James Brewer, Indiana, 44.

    Suzanne Kephart, 67, Pleasureville to Harold Stivers, 68, Pleasureville.

    Paula Ernst, 33, Pleasureville to Lonnie Locklear, 60, Smithfield.

    Property Transfers

    Michael and Kelly Prenn, Campbellsburg to Amy and Treavor Smith, Campbellsburg, Lot #20 of Lakeview Subdivision, $68,500.

  • Public Record for the week of Nov. 6

    Property Transfers

    Samuel and Anne Eyle, Shelbyville, to Brad Fisher, Bethlehem. 200 Casey Lane, Bethlehem; $375,500.

    Darryl and Kimberly Huckleberry, Pleasureville to Jeff and Teresa Burton, Lancaster. Property in Henry County; $16,000.

    Pamela and George McDannold, Eminence, to Pamela McDannold, Trustee of the Pamela P. McDannold Revocable Living Trust. Lot located in Tolle Court, Eminence, fair market value is $141,300.

  • Public Record for the week of October 9


    Ronnie Craigmyle Jr., 38, Eminence, and Vanessa Craigmyle, 41, Eminence.

    William Karem, 56, La Grange, and Donna Karem, 57, La Grange.

    Eddie Sparks, 44, Pleasureville, and Delania Kandall, 52, Indiana. 

    Sheriff’s Department arrests

    Brandon Walton,4th degree domestic assault, arrested by Keith Perry on 9/25.