Public Records

  • Public Record for the week of Dec. 12


    Belinda Marie Murray, 37, Eminence,  to Tony Dovon Brown, 49, Eminence.


    Joseph Leslie Clubb, 57, Eminence, and Terri June Rucker, 54, Eminence.

    Charles Ellis Burgin, 42, La Grange, and Michelle Marie Wachter, 40, Crestwood.

    Mark Anthony Tillett, 46, Shelbyville, and Teresa Gail Tillett, 45, Eminence.

  • Public Record for the week of Dec. 5


    Lori Raisor, Sulphur, to Gary Ervin, Sulphur.


    Michael Mathis, Smithfield, and Helen Mathis, Smithfield.

    Earl Murray, Crestwood, and Belinda Martin, Eminence.

    Gregory Bryner, Smithfield, and Wanda Morris, Smithfield

    Property Transfers

  • Public Record for the week of Nov. 28


    Suzanne Elizabeth Ochoa, 45, to Lawrence Richard Yates, 47, Eminence.

    Jerusha Nicole Fitzgerald, 38, Eminence, to Robert Ralph Trask, 43, Eminence.

    Zoning permits

    Robert Cook, 346 Scobie Lane, New Castle, 10/1, house,  fee $122, value $20,000.

    Thoms Collette, 532 Bart Smith Road, Smithfield, 10/1, accessory building, fee $121, fee $6,000.

  • Public Record for the week of Nov. 21


    Ted Chisholm, Eminence, and Sue Burton, Eminence.

    Lonie Wayne Evans, Turners Station, and Marion Couch, Pleasureville.


    Tara Nichole Smith, Pendleton, to Justin Coombs, Smithfield on Nov. 10.

    Property transfers

    Bryan M. and Megan F. Boyer, Campbellsburg, to Elizabeth Robin Hawkins, Bedford. Property in Henry County; $130,000.

  • Public Record for the week of Nov. 14

    KSP Arrests

    Jennifer R. Cook, 34, of La Grange was arrested on La Grange Road in Sulphur on 11/5 by Trooper Morris and charged with operating a motor vehicle on a suspended/revoked license; no insurance; and no seatbelt.

    Joshua A. Puckett,31, of La Grange was arrested on Hillsboro Road in Campbellsburg by Trooper Morris on 11/5 and served with a warrant from another agency.

  • Public Record for the week of Nov. 7


    Anna Soto, Shelbyville, to Jon Bowman, Shelbyville.

    Amanda Boler, Campbellsburg, to Nicholas Barnes, Campbellsburg

    Kelly Case, Turners Station, to Brent Jones, Turners Station

    Anna Kunzler, Sulphur, to Bruce Scott, Frankfort.

    Nancy Jackson, New Castle, to David Ellingsworth, New Castle.

  • Public Record for the week of Oct. 31


    Michael A. Farmer, 37, Pendleton, and Gina M. Reams, 38, New Castle.

    Lawrence Thomas Beatty, 45, Eminence, and Tina Fay Jones, 38, Pleasureville.

    Property Transfers

    Jack and Woo Sung Becker, Fisherville, to Norman and Laura Britt Medlin, Louisville. Property in Henry County, 50% interest; $80,000.

  • Public Record for the week of Oct. 24


    Samantha Crouch,25, Pendleton to Joseph Whitaker, 26, Pendleton.


    Dannie Wayne Hawkins, 59, Frankfort, and Flossie Cox, 59, Pleausureville.

    Chad Ramsey, New Castle, 36, and Amy Klempner, 33, New Castle.

    John Hughes, 54, Smithfield, and Jennifer Hughes, 44, Smithfield.

    Jason Berry, 33, Eminence, Sarah Fullenlove, 33, Louisville.

    Property Transfers

  • Public Record for the week of Oct. 17


    Jeri Catherine Fuller, 41, Campbellsburg, to Andrew Cleveland Matheny, 43, Campbellsburg.

    Tasha L. Etherton, 29, Campbellsburg, to Gary W. Bentley, 28, Campbellsburg.


    Christopher Donald Lee Mancuso, 43, Sulphur, and Jennifer Adams, 42, Sulphur.

    Bobbie Dale Harrell, 31, Turners Station, and Pamela Knapp Harrell, 28, Campbellsburg.

    Zoning permits

  • Public Record for the week of Oct. 10


    Kelli Grigsby, 25, Campbellsburg to James Puckett III, 31, Campbellsburg.

    Morgan Colson, 18, Smithfield to Jeremy McClain, 19, Smithfield.


    Richard Dryman, Sacramento, Calif., and Jamie Dryman, Henry County.

    William Palmer, Lockport, and Charlotte Palmer, Lockport.

    Property Transfers