Public Records

  • Public Record for the week of June 20


    Katherine Thomas Carswell, 30, Pendleton, to Christopher Ray Holbrook, 30, Pendleton.

    Felicia Marie Smith, 21, Turners Station, to Michael Dale Rabourn, 22, Turners Station.

    Katie C. Troyer, 19, Carrollton, to Benjamin J. Troyer, 21, Turners Station.

    Amy L. Bland, 42, Campbellsburg, to Robert L. Salyer Jr., 51, Campbellsburg.


    Property Transfers

  • Public Record for the week of June 13


    In the May indictments published in the June 6 Local, Jason Congleton’s name was misspelled.


    Quincy Joseph Goodlett, 33, Pendleton, and Destiny Michele Kelley, 32, Pleasureville.

    Donnie D. Allen, 38, Turners Station, and Elizabeth Ann Camfield, 38, La Grange.

    Sheriff’s Dept arrests:

    Terry L. Keown, FTA, arrested by Dean Murray on 5/30.

    Martin Metts, COC, arrested by Rick Nelson on 5/31.

  • Indictments

  • Public Record for the week of May 30

    Sheriff’s Dept arrests

    Martin J. Metts, 3rd degree terroristic threatening; menacing, arrested by Rick Nelson on 5/17.

    Brandon Douglas, FTA, arrested by Dustin Hamilton on 5/18.

    Victor Harris, FTA, arrested by Dustin Hamilton on 5/18.

    Crystal D. Hensley, TBD under $500, arrested by Rick Nelson on 5/21.

    Mandy Crowe, 4th degree assault, arrested by Rick Nelson on 5/21.

  • Public Record for the week of May 23


    Brooke LeaAnn Clubb, 26, Pleasureville, to Dustin Lee Rabourn, 23, Pleasureville.

    Stacy Gail Morgan, 35, Eminence, to Steven R. Cain, 25, Eminence.

    Lori Jean Allgeier, 37, Smithfield, to Gregory Thomas Isaacs, 42, Smithfield.

    Kasey N. Chesser, 25, Smithfield, to Lance A. Hall, 24, Smithfield.

    Krystal Marie Hale, 26, New Castle, to Adam Caleb Sharp, 23, New Castle.


  • Public Records for the Week of May 16, 2012

    Property Transfers

  • Public Record for the week of May 9


    Angela H. Gaines, 27, Smithfield, to Roger A. Glahn, 41, Smithfield.


    Charles F. Burns Jr., 45, Elyria, Ohio, and Heather M. Patterson, 34, Pleasureville.

    Donnie Ray Trail, 51, New Castle, and Shirley Jean Truman, 65, New Castle.

    Michael Taylor Thomas, 35, Pleasureville, and Kelley Sue Woods, 43, Pleasureville.

    Jeffery William Powars, 23, La grange, and Raelynn Deanna Hamby, 22, Pendleton.

  • Public Record for the week of May 2


    Jennifer Nicole Webb, 29, Smithfield, to Joseph Michael Webb, 28, Smithfield.

    Sarah Elizabeth Powell, 32, Sulphur, to Jefferson Scott Templeton, 31, Sulphur.

    Kasi Shatara Dawson, 22, New Castle, to Steven Allen Reed, 23, New Castle.

    Property Transfers

    Richard B. Wright Jr., and Laura Elizabeth Wright, Eminence, to Richard B. Wright Jr. and Laura Elizabeth Wright, Eminence. Property in Henry County; fair market value is $87,000.

  • Public Record for the week of April 25


    Carolyn Marie Long, 63, Smithfield to Thomas Allen Breeden, 68, Smithfield.

    Susan Russell Diaz, 54, Campbellsburg, to Neal Allen Wright, 5, Mishawaka, Ind.


    Roy Wayne Ricketts, 62, Frankfort, and Minnie Ruth Abbott, 61, Campbellsburg.

    James Garland Breeding Jr., 37, Shelbyville, and Crystal Lee Melton, 36, Eminence.

    Christopher D. Jackson, 24, Campbellsburg, and Megan C. Armstrong, 24, Campbellsburg.

    Property Transfers:

  • Public Record for the week of April 18

    Property Transfers

    Walter T. and Dorothy Nelson irrevocable trust agreement dated 1/23/06 by and through Walter E. and Peggy Ann Nelson, co-trustees, Bethlehem, to Walter E. Nelson, Pleasureville, and Peggy Ann Nelson, Frankfort. Property in Henry County; Provisions of trust agreement, fair market value is $250,000.