Today's News

  • EIS deploys new system

    By Will Phillips


    Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, Eminence schools plan to deploy a new learning management system, or LMS. The new system, called It’s Learning, will ideally allow students, teachers and parents to all check students’ schoolwork, keep track of their progress and streamline education.

    According to Eminence Superintendent Buddy Berry, the new system completely meets the needs of his district.

  • Rain, Floods, Mud

    By Brad Bowman


    According to the National Weather Service, Henry County has had a “departure from normal” accumulation of 8 inches of precipitation in the last week.

    Heavy pockets of rain and thunderstorm cells moved into the county Thursday night into early Friday morning causing flash flooded pastures along the Kentucky River, rising creek levels and one reported mudslide.

  • Census shows farm size increase, decrease in number

    By Brad Bowman


    The rural landscape of farms in Henry County hasn’t changed since 1909, but the amount of farms has drastically diminished according to the Census of Agriculture.

    Using data from the National Agricultural Statistics Service, a snapshot of farms, acreage and production from 1909 to 2007, the market value of crops and livestock has steared land ownership, the average age of individuals who principally farm as an occupation and where they have historically invested their capital.

  • Students take Odyssesy to Iowa

    By Will Phillips


    The Odyssey of the Mind club at Eminence Middle School recently brought home second place at the Kentucky State Tournament, held on Eastern Kentucky University’s campus in Richmond, which qualifies them to move on to the World Finals on the campus of Iowa State University, May 28-31.

  • P’ville looks at updates

    By Will Phillips


    Pleasureville City Council has been heading an effort recently to update the town’s infrastructure. This effort has evolved into a full-blown beautification project. At the heart of the issue, though, is the desire to make Pleasureville more inviting, as well as more up to date.

    According to Mayor Rodney Young, two sections of sidewalk have already been completed.

  • Fighting libraries is counterintuitive

    If I were to take a poll of all of Kentucky, I wonder how many people would tell me that they had never used a library for anything. My guess is very few. Libraries are the sort of institutions that you use without ever realizing how important they are, and how strange life would be if they weren’t there.

  • Social Security isn’t revenue

    Thomas Massie

    U.S. Congressman

  • Vote for what you believe so we know where you stand

    Jon Park

    Henry County GOP Chairman

    James 5:12 says “let your yes be yes and your no be no.  Stand up for what you believe. 

  • Letters to the editor

    The Iceman Cometh

    The Iceman, the Snowman, the Zerotemp man cometh to Henry County over and over again during the last few months. Incredibly beautiful pictures of the stark white landscape only served to bring complaints of power outages, frozen water pipes, missed school days. The list goes on and on. Since we choose to live in a rural area, with all the advantages it has to offer, sometimes the disadvantages get the better of us.

  • What to do to salvage your fruit crops

    Late last week, we saw apples at silver tip and peaches at the swollen bud stage. So, if you haven’t done so yet, it is time to get the dormant oil and fixed copper spray on apples and pears for San Jose scale, aphid, mite and fire blight control. It is a little too late to control peach leaf curl on peaches with fixed copper since the buds have begun to swell, but an oil spray is recommended for San Jose scale and mite control if it hasn’t been applied.