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  • Reckoning with Addiction: The work remains
  • Control weed threat to maintain beautiful gardens

    Like many around the county, weeds are trying to take over my garden, and it feels almost like a full time job trying to control the weeds.
    This is why I want to talk about garden weeds because everyone wants that beautiful, high producing garden.
    First off, why are weeds in your garden bad?
    Weeds cause many problems, but probably the biggest problem is weeds compete with your crops for nutrients, water and sunlight.
    Also, some weeds, like quackgrass, can chemically inhibit vegetable plant growth, and others are host for numerous insect pests and disease pathogens.

  • Growing and cooking herbs adds flavor to life

    We all want to eat food that tastes good. One of the most common ways we make food taste good is by adding salt. Unfortunately, most American diets are too high in sodium. Diets high in sodium can raise blood pressure, which can lead to many major health issues including heart disease and stroke. Herbs provide a great way for us to limit our sodium intake while still consuming flavorful foods.

  • Local Buzz - June 20, 2018

    Church activities
    The Evangelist Joseph Smith, associated with the ALJC Evangelistic Department, will speak at The Apostolic Pentecostal Church of the Living God, 124 Smith Lane, Bedford, Sunday, June 24, 6:30 p.m. Everyone is invited to come and be blessed.
    Sulphur Christian Church meets each Wednesday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
    Drennon Christian Church meets most Wednesdays from 6 to 8 p.m. Check the Facebook page for the current schedule.
    Life Church will have Sunday service at 1 p.m. at La Grange Presbyterian Church, 1931 Prestwick Drive in La Grange.

    Civic organizations

  • Public Record - June 20, 2018

    Robert Greenwell — arrested June 1 for assault, fourth, domestic; menacing; and criminal mischief
    Lisa Modesty — arrested June 2 for operating a motor vehicle under the influence
    Charles Murphy — arrested June 4 for failure to pay fines
    Krystal Cobb — arrested June 4 for criminal mischief and criminal littering
    Glenda Holcomb — arrested June 4 for a probation violation
    Desmond J. Mason — arrested June 5 for assault, fourth
    Michael Mcanelly — arrested June 6 for failure to appear, Jefferson

  • The path of acceptance

    A few years ago the parents of a friend of mine were given the heartbreaking news that their son, Greg, was going blind, and that nothing could be done. Everyone was torn with pity for them, but they remained calm and uncomplaining. One night, as I left their home, I tried to express my admiration for their courage.

  • Tinkering Tuesday engages kids in STEM activities
  • Tinkering Tuesday engages kids in STEM activities
  • Tinkering Tuesday engages kids in STEM activities

    Shelby Affonso Armstrong Graduated from the University of Kentucky Gatton College of Business & EconomicsJune 4th 2018.
    He has accepted a position in Lexington at Longship Logistics.
    His parents are George John III & E. Lee Ann Armstrong.
    Maternal Grandparents are Leslie E. & Mary Ann Capps Sr.
    Paternal Grandparents are George and Hortense Armstrong.