Today's News

  • Fairness ordinance fails


    There will not be a fairness ordinance in the City of Campbellsburg.

    The proposed ordinance died for lack of a motion to adopt it at the city’s monthly meeting last Tuesday night.

  • Couple charged for sexual abuse of minor

    By Brad Bowman


    Kentucky State Police arrested a Spencer County couple Friday, Jan. 24, for sexual abuse charges involving an 11-year-old female family member while living in Henry County.

  • Snow doesn’t stop Senate’s progress

    By State Sen. Paul Hornback

    After observing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, the legislature went back to work.

    Tuesday was a significant day as Senate President Pro Tem Katie Stine became the first female legislator to preside over the joint session of the Kentucky General Assembly during which Gov. Beshear presented his proposed budget.

  • Learn how to grow profits on the farm

    Growing Farm Profits is a training coming up Feb 1-3 in Lexington, which offers a great opportunity for Kentucky produce farmers. This is a farmer-to-farmer training that will inform participants about keeping records about their crops, their expenditures, their packing shed layouts and more in order to make themselves more profitable, more efficient and more competitive.

  • Massie introduces a new bill which could mean more money for retirees


    U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie introduced a bill eliminating tax on social security benefits for retirees looking to boost senior citizens’ income.

    On Tuesday, Jan. 21, Massie introduced HR 3894, the Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act, which would cease income tax on social security benefits.

    The Henry County Local asked Massie via email several questions including what the inspiration was for introducing the bill.

  • In my life, Sgt. Pepper didn’t let me down

    By Joseph Yates

  • Public Record for the week of Jan. 29

    Sheriff Arrests

    Everett Heitzman Jr.,flagrant nonsupport, arrested by Dean Murray 1/17.

    Michelle Y. Davis, flagrant nonsupport, arrested by Keith Perry 1/18.

    Jason D. Westbrook, FTA, arrested by Rick Nelson 1/22.

    Michael W. Arledge, contempt of court, arrested by Keith Perry 1/23.

    Kelsie Gilley,probation violation, arrested by Dean Murray 1/23.

    Randall Kemper, FTA, arrested by Dean Murray 1/24.

    EPD Arrests

  • Multivitamins make up a multibillion-dollar business

    Today, multivitamin and mineral marketing campaigns claiming to improve your health and reduce your risk of chronic disease constantly bombard us. Just look around your supermarket. Chances are, multivitamin and mineral supplements have their own section.

  • Wildcats defeat Warriors 65-47

    Round two of the inter-county rivalry was played in Eminence on Jan. 14, and the Henry County Wildcats came out on top against the host Warriors again after defeating them earlier in the year. But this time the outcome was a little better for the Warriors, who lost to the Cats by 25 points in New Castle in early December.

    This version of the rivalry started slowly with neither team being able to find the basket in the first 90 seconds of the game.

  • Armstrong lends a hand

    Shelby Armstrong is not only dishing out assists on the basketball floor this winter, he is also assisting at the Henry County Help Center.

    For Armstrong, a football and basketball player at Eminence High School, what started out as a senior project became a personal mission.