Today's News

  • HCHS Student Athlete of the Week-Mikaela Cline

    Mikaela is a junior on the Lady Cats’ soccer and softball teams.

    Parents Berley Cline and Aimee Cline.

    What do you do for fun?

    I play for Kentucky Softball outside of school and that takes up most of my time.

    How about school clubs?


    Favorite school subject and why:

    History because it is more understandable to me.

    Favorite TV shows:


    Favorite Movie:

    Forrest Gump.

    Favorite music style/artist:

    Rap and hip hop/Kendrick Lamar.

  • EHS Student Athlete of the Week-Tyrei Hanlon

    Tyrei is a junior on the Warriors’ football and basketball teams.

    Parents Shawna Hanlon

    What do you do for fun?

    Hang out with my friends.

    How about school clubs?

    Pep club.

    Favorite school subject and why:

    Math because there is always one right answer.

    Favorite TV shows:

    I don’t watch much TV. I’m too busy.

    Favorite Movie:


    Favorite music style/artist:

    I like any style./No particular artist.

  • Peyton wins Tourney at Cardinal Club

    Submitted by Lindsey Peak/Hurricane Junior Golf Tour

    MacKenzie Peyton won the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour tournament at the Cardinal Club in Simpsonville on November 2-3. The Tournament was part of the the College Prep Series for 15-18 year-olds. Winners received an invitation to the Tour Championship. Gypsie Hutchinson of Lexington and Meredith Moir of Louisville tied for second place. Peyton is pictured above third from left.

  • Warriors win JV HCYFL Championship


    The Eminence Warrior JV football team won the HCYFL league tournament on October 20 by defeating the Campbellsburg Bengals. the Warriors ended the season with a 10-0 record and repeated as JV champions.

    Players on the team are Bryce Beckley, Elias Blake, Josh Dixon, Blake Downey, Quentin Durrett, Nathan Frazier, Christian Garduno, Hunter Gibson, Mason Gnagie, Aaron Hamilton, Jose Hernandez, Jaiden Jones, Brayden Murray, Abelaro Reza, Chris Roberts, Dezzmon Runion, Davontaye Saunders, Jaxon Scriber and Desmond Smith.

  • EIS requests tax bills sent out

    Disregarding a judge’s admonition, Eminence Independent Schools last week requested that its 2013/2014 tax bills be issued and sent to the district’s residents.

    During a Thursday morning hearing in La Grange, Circuit Court Judge Karen Conrad urged the district to hold off on issuing tax bills until she could rule on the merits of a lawsuit filed against the district.

    Should Conrad rule against the district, the district would have to issue refunds, representing an additional cost on top of the reissued tax bills to the district, and its taxpayers.

  • New Castle 4th graders talk weather

    When Becca Gilbert started teaching her fourth graders about weather, the students probably didn’t expect their teacher would get a chief meteorologist to answer the questions she couldn’t.

    Gilbert taught weather topics like air pressure, predicting weather and reading weather maps but wanted to give the class a more dynamic experience.

    “The kids have been interested in more than (teachers) had knowledge of,” Gilbert said, “I decided who better to ask than a meteorologist.”

  • Fairness ordinance dies

    A proposed fairness ordinance in Pleasureville is dead in the water.

    After Shawn Mertz motioned to approve the ordinance, his fellow commissioners stared at the table. They stared at their hands. They said nothing.

    And Mertz’s motion, and thus the proposed fairness ordinance, died for lack of a second.

  • A day with a veteran

    Herschel Raymer contests that in his 88 years, the best night’s sleep he ever had was on a feather bed mattress in a deserted German home.

    Cold European weather, the lack of provisions and inadequate heat in the staging tent city Cigarette Camps in Le Havre, France, were part of an estimated 3 million American troops’ experience in World War II. Raymer, like many others, just considered it part of his duty.

  • Drivers shouldn’t buck deer issue but stay alert

    It’s the time of year for deer testosterone to kick in, and wildlife officials urge the human population not to treat that scenario lightly.

    “I know people get tired of hearing us say the same old thing year after year, but, really, when they [male deer] get to chasing females, anything can happen,” Kentucky Fish and Wildlife deer biologist David Yancy said.

  • No fair, Pleasureville

    Oh, Pleasureville.

    I can’t say after Monday night’s meeting that I’m surprised, really.

    Disappointed, but not surprised. And that, in itself, is a fairly sad commentary on what happened.

    You see, you had a chance to do something good. You had a chance to do something that really matters. You had a chance to lead the way in Henry County.

    But you sat on your hands, looking quietly and somewhat awkwardly at the table while the motion to approve a fairness ordinance died for lack of a second.