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  • The wet spring could mean it’s hard to make hay

    Hay season is here, and due to our cold, prolonged spring weather, we could be having some troubles.
    The cold spring definitely pushed back the harvesting timelines for most hay and haylage producers. It has only been in the last few weeks that producers are starting to think about being in the fields.
    For many farmers in Henry County, preserved forages are almost a way of life, and it’s essential to profits on most farms. Without a high-quality hay, many farms will struggle this fall and winter.

  • Meet the new editor of the Henry County Local

    “I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world,” said American publisher Henry Luce.
    That’s exactly why I wanted to become a journalist, too, way back when I was five years old. At that age, I was reading dozens of books a week, and while others were playing outside, I was observing and literally taking notes.
    Perhaps I was always meant to have this title: I am now the editor of your local news source, the Henry County Local.

  • No more Eminence Days or Ren Fair

    After today, I will no longer earn my living by attending jousts at the Ren Fair, high school dances or graduation or Campbellsburg Day.
    To echo Rev. Michael Duncan’s recent column on retirement, my exit within approximately four years of Melissa Blankenship hiring me was a foregone conclusion as soon as I accepted the position.
    Beth and I knew an extremely slim chance of being able to stay existed after she completed her medical school requirements at the University of Louisville.

  • Reckoning with Addiction: An ounce of prevention

    By John Inscore Essick

    Port Royal Baptist Church 

    Benjamin Franklin famously wrote that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  

    Franklin used this axiom in the early 1700s when pushing the city of Philadelphia to invest in fire safety and prevention.  

  • Airmail coloring winners
  • Airmail coloring winners
  • Live updates: Here are your Henry County Primary Election results

    This story will be updated.

  • Henry County homemakers scoop up awards at KEHA

    Nearly 600 members of the Kentucky Extension Homemaker Association from across the state converged on the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville recently to celebrate their achievements.

  • Public Record May 16, 2018

    KSP arrests
    Shelia Barnes, 50, Pleasureville — arrested May 9 on Ballardsville Road, Eminence, by Trooper Housley for speeding 26 mph over the limit, reckless driving and DUI, first, aggravated
    Barbara Yocum, 25, Glencoe — arrested May 9 on N. Main Street, Eminence by Trooper Smith for a fugitive warrant from another state
    Shane P. Walters, 29, Park Hills — arrested May 10 at I-71, mile marker 24, by Trooper Housley for reckless driving; DUI, first, aggravated; and possession of an open alcoholic beverage container in a motor vehicle

  • Fruit trees join other Kentucky crops

    Are your garden and fruit trees struggling? If they aren’t, you might be one of the lucky few in the state of Kentucky.
    Like many years, vegetable and fruit crops are fighting off viral, bacterial and fungal diseases.
    The wet, cool spring has created the perfect conditions for plant diseases.
    The Kentucky Plant Disease Diagnostic lab has been processing numerous samples, and released a report of the most viewed disease this year.
    Some of those diseases include anthracnose, common leaf spot, fire blight, leaf blight, cedar-apple rust, pythium root/crown rot and fusarium.