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  • A sure bet for Derby or anytime you need a treat

    When I get asked where I grew up and answer Campbellsville, very few people know where it is right off. Unless they’ve visited Green River Lake, know someone that attended Campbellsville University or track Amazon packages through the distribution centers, most don’t really know the exact location. Often they wrongly assume it’s in Campbell County.
    I’ve found the best way to tell people about my hometown, actually located in Taylor County, is to tell them it’s 25 miles from Maker’s Mark. Everyone is familiar with Maker’s Mark bourbon and its famous red wax.

  • UPI presents check to support Henry County FFA

    The United Producers Inc. (UPI) Owenton, market donated more than $8,000 to support agricultural education and area FFA chapters through a community benefit initiative at its weekly livestock auction, according to a news release.
    UPI-Owenton worked with Carroll, Franklin, Gallatin, Grant, Henry, Owen, Scott and Shelby county FFA groups to donate $1 for every head of cattle sold at the weekly auction from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31. Donations are being delivered during this spring at various FFA events.

  • Franklinton native receives business education ‘Award of Merit’

    Eastern Kentucky University senior Landon New, of Franklinton, recently received the National Business Education Association (NBEA) Award of Merit for outstanding achievement in business education, representing the commonwealth, according to a news release.
    The NBEA Professional Awards Program recognizes high academic standards. New, a business and marketing education major, was nominated for the award by his faculty adviser, Dr. Faridah Awang.

  • Smith finds his internship at HCSO arresting

    After Shaun Smith, 24, made some tough life decisions, he decided to reform his ways through working toward a career in law enforcement.
    Smith quit school in the eighth grade to help support his mom and two brothers. He described himself as drifting through jobs in construction, roofing, painting and as a certified nursing assistant in Utah and Arizona. 

  • Doffing Their Caps

    Students from Campbellsburg and Eminence elementary schools once again celebrated Derby season by showing off their best hats in their separate parades May 3 and May 4.

  • Jakob Beckley elected Lindsey Wilson student body president

    by Tammy Shaw
    Lindsey Wilson College’s latest Student Government Association’s student body president for 2018-19 is a sophomore from Pleasureville who’s majoring in business administration.
    Jakob Beckley won the April 5 election in a close vote cast by fellow students.
    He is no stranger to politics, either at college or Henry County High School, where he graduated in 2016.
    Last year, Beckley served as chief-of-staff under the former student body president.
    Each elected office offered Beckley great opportunities to hone his leadership skills, he said.

  • Eminence congratulates distinguished and proficient students
  • A quick tour through the garden can limit disease, pests

    Even though almost none of our crops are in the ground yet because of the cold spring, I expect to receive numerous questions about plant disease and insect damage — it happens every day.
    These calls can be about anything from brown rot on grapes to alfalfa weevil control and all kinds of topics in between. Probably eight out of 10 calls, my first question will be, “When did you start noticing this problem?”and usually the answer will be, “Today!”

  • Good hygiene best bet to prevent foodborne illness

    We have heard a lot about diseases transmitted through foods lately and two very important things you can do to protect yourself are washing your hands and your food preparation surfaces often.
    Foodborne bacteria can’t be seen, tasted or smelled. These microorganisms can make you sick if ingested and they spread through contact with cutting boards, utensils, countertops and food, so be ready and clean.
    Here are some tips from the Partnership for Food Safety Education:

  • 4-H students in Forestry Judging Field Day for first time

    On Monday, April 23, four 4-H members from Henry County competed in the State 4-H Senior Forestry Judging Field Day held at Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest.
    This was the first year Henry County has had representation at the competition and included Ethan Dockter, Cody Dzurenka, Tommy Garrison and Emma Noe.
    This judging event provides teens ages 14 to 18 years old the opportunity to demonstrate their forest knowledge while developing leadership skills.
    An appreciation of trees and their role and importance in our environment is acquired while preparing for the competition.