Today's News

  • EHS drops two vs. Rebels, Trojans


    The Warriors traveled to Louisville for a pair of games last week. On Mar. 13 they played Atherton and lost 19-3. Saturday they played Southern and fell 12-2.

    Atherton 19 EHS 3

  • Track Cats compete at CAL


    The Henry County High School track and field team competed at the Harry Greschel Invitational track meet at Christian Academy of Louisville Saturday.

    “It was a huge meet with all the biggest and best teams in the Louisville area competing,” HCHS Coach Phillip Allen said. “We weren’t really concerned with where we finished. We just wanted to compete for the experience and to establish a baseline. Now we go back to work to try and improve our performances.

  • Little Pest, Big Impact

    Infestation by the emerald ash borer has whittled away an important component of local forests by feeding on the millions of ash trees in Henry County.
    Places like Lake Jericho have already experienced a substantial impact from the invasive metallic green insect by killing hundreds of trees that, left alone, could have endangered park visitors.

  • Junior historians compete
  • Eastern recognizes students
  • Eastern Students see if they have the luck of the irish

    Students in Sarah Buckley’s class at Eastern Elemetnary School hoped to have the “luck of the Irish” in laying sometimes elaborate traps to see if they could catch a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. Students had a few weeks to work on their traps at home with their families before bringing them into class. This is just part of a fun, educational activity that highlights problem solving. Some of the traps are even major engineering efforts, Buckley said.

  • Several Extension events will bloom this spring

    Some upcoming spring Extension events include:

    March 30 — Truth and Consequences   
    This is a new 4-H and school program designed to help freshmen students from both Henry County and Eminence understand the consequences of using drugs or alcohol.  
    We need about 50 to 60 volunteers and are short 10 to 15.  
    As a volunteer you will act as a parent or guardia guiding a student through each booth and helping them understand the consequences of actions related to drug and alcohol abuse.  

  • Wildlife officials: Don’t shoot wild pigs, report them

    The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is seeking information from the public about feral pig sightings in Henry County, according to a news release from the agency.  KDFWR asks that people report feral pigs, instead of shooting them.  
    Henry County farmers, hunters and native wildlife are paying a huge tab today because pigs released there a few years ago have multiplied to become a destructive force today.

  • How to remove weeds from your land

    The grasses are starting to green up which means spring is here. However, along with the grasses, many weeds have started to show up in fields, gardens and lawns.
    Weeds can play havoc from causing issues with livestock, medical issues for people and can take over crop fields.
    From dandelions to poison hemlock, weeds can come in many shapes and colors, and many times we don’t realize what we have. In most cases, certain weeds mimic harmless flowers.

  • Seasonal allergies: Nip them in the bud

    Itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, fatigue, these are just a few of the signs of seasonal allergies — also known as hay fever.
    And get ready: It looks like we may have a real doozy of an allergy season this year.
    Milder winter temperatures in places can cause plants to pollinate early. And a rainier spring leads to quick plant growth, as well as an increase in mold.  
    Allergic reactions mostly occur when your body responds to a “false alarm.”