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  • Henry Hoopla standings

    78 points

    Devin McIntosh

    77 points

    Shelly McAlister

    75 points

    Margaret Capito

    73 points

    Tyler Truman

    Michael Brent

    72 points

    Brent McAlister

    71 points

    Sherry Watts

    69 points

    Jim Woods

    Linda Gregory

    Craig Meadows

    Danny Meadows

    Kara McAlister

    68 points

    Tyler Shryock

    Blair Yancey

    Kyle Heightchew

    Ayden Wilson

    Luke McGhee

  • Welfare check results in drug arrest

    By Brad Bowman


    Kentucky State Police assisted Henry County Social Services on a child welfare visit at a home on Sunnyside road and arrested a man on drug charges.

    Kentucky State Police assisted Henry County Social Services on Wednesday, March 26, and arrested Jeffrey Popp, 39, on Sunnyside Road, Smithfield.

    Popp consented for them to search the home. Troopers found approximately four grams of methamphetamine with baggies and digital scales used for alleged trafficking.

  • Smith-Berry Winery wins awards at California competition

    By Will Phillips


    Chuck Smith celebrated another successful year at a recent competition with one of Smith-Berry Winery’s wine winning Best in Class.

    Smith celebrated the showing of his Blackberry Wine, which won Best in Class at the San Francisco Chronicle’s competition.

  • Massie supports raw deal for milk

    By Brad Bowman


    Kentucky U.S. Representative Thomas Massie has introduced legislation aimed at protecting farmers and keeping the federal government out of your milk.

    On Thursday, March 27, Massie joined a bipartisan effort of 19 other legislators for two bills: The Milk Freedom Act of 2014 and the Interstate Milk Freedom Act of 2014, which would allow consumers to buy raw, unpasteurized milk across interstate lines.

  • General Assembly reports progress

    By Will Phillips


    Following a grueling, weekend-long discussion of Kentucky’s new budget, the state legislators have finally come to an agreement. Among the approved projects is the addition to the Henry County Courthouse, as well as a new Kentucky Community and Technical College System campus in Carrollton.

  • Annual fundraiser will honor Judy Lea

    By Brad Bowman


    Judy Lea thought of every Campbellsburg Elementary student as her own child.

    As a cafeteria manager, Lea kept more than canned goods on the shelves. In a closet, Lea kept shoes and coats for students who needed them. Lea couldn’t stand to see any of her children (Campbellsburg Elementary students) go without. Sometimes, the expense came out of her own pocket, but for Lea it didn’t matter.

  • Music Magic

    By Brad Bowman


    The Henry County Choirs celebrated their musical talents Thursday night with a choral concert mixed with traditional to contemporary music.

    James Russell Cooper, Henry County Public Schools Director of Choirs and Theater, celebrated the students achievements with concert attendees.

  • Goodbyes are tough, but not all bad

    I can’t believe I have written here for two years. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and other days, especially when my colleague Sports Editor Greg Woods is around, it seems longer.

    I have always strived to be a better writer, a better journalist. Coming to the Henry County Local has helped me grow.

    Circumstances out of my control like deadlines, staffing issues, and sometimes fully through my own faults, have caused me to not always put out my best writing. Sometimes my appetite for a good story outweighed what was realistically on my plate.

  • Spreading a bit of sunshine

    John Logan Brent

    County Judge Executive

    If you are like me, you are ready for some sunshine. Every time I read Jon Park’s articles in this paper I see the need for a whole lot of sunshine.

    In last week’s article he likened the “would be” economic impact for New Castle of the proposed 37,000 square foot, 20 something bathroom, $12 million plus bonded justice center to what is happening in Eminence due to CVS. The projects are apples to oranges.

  • Take me out to the ball game

    Joseph Yates

    Average Joe

    Do not tell me it’s just a game, where grown men try to hit a ball by swinging at it with a rounded stick. Baseball has been part of my life as far back as I can remember. It is my sport and I will defend it.