Today's News

  • Spreading a bit of sunshine

    John Logan Brent

    County Judge Executive

    If you are like me, you are ready for some sunshine. Every time I read Jon Park’s articles in this paper I see the need for a whole lot of sunshine.

    In last week’s article he likened the “would be” economic impact for New Castle of the proposed 37,000 square foot, 20 something bathroom, $12 million plus bonded justice center to what is happening in Eminence due to CVS. The projects are apples to oranges.

  • Take me out to the ball game

    Joseph Yates

    Average Joe

    Do not tell me it’s just a game, where grown men try to hit a ball by swinging at it with a rounded stick. Baseball has been part of my life as far back as I can remember. It is my sport and I will defend it.

  • Public records for the week of April 2

    Sheriff Arrests

    Kevin McClain, FTA, arrested by Rick Nelson 3/24.

    Paul Woods, 2 counts of FTA, contempt of court, arrested by Dean Murray and Rick Nelson 3/26.

    Jessica Barnett, FTP, arrested by Rick Nelson 3/27

    KSP Arrests

    Jasper D. Hunt, 34, of Louisville was arrested by Trooper Morris on 3/24 on I-71 near Campbellsburg and charged with execution of three bench warrant for another agency.

  • Growing and cooking with herbs

    We all want to eat food that tastes good. One of the most common ways we tend to make food taste good is by adding salt. Unfortunately, most American diets are too high in sodium. Diets high in sodium can raise blood pressure, which can lead to many major health issues including heart disease. Herbs provide a great way for us to limit our sodium intake while still consuming flavorful foods.

  • Tough winter on cow herds and producers

    Near the end of most winters, diagnosticians at the veterinary labs, veterinarians, and producers see a few aged beef cows in poor body condition and a rumen full of forage material (hay) just ‘run out of gas’ with a belly full of hay and green grass just around the corner. However, this winter, they have seen these ‘malnutrition’ cases on a much more frequent basis, at a much earlier date, and have seen younger cows affected.

  • Student of the week

    Kaitlin Hieatt

    Junior at Henry County High School.

    Have a favorite subject?

    English. I love to read and write.

    Do you have a favorite book?

    I don’t have a favorite. I like so many. I like fiction. Any fiction you can throw at me. I finish, like, a book a day.

    Favorite movie?

    I hate watching movies when I read the books because I analyze everything. But I like most romance movies. I don’t like action movies much, but I can do a romance movie. My favorite is probably The Notebook.

  • Henry County Preschool and headstart screenings

    Henry County Preschool and headstart screenings will be April 18, 25 and May 2, at the Henry County Early Childhood Center located at New Castle Elementary.

    The Preschool Screening is a free service offered to parents who wish to enroll their 3 or 4 year old child in Head Start or Preschool in the fall who reside in Henry County. The screening helps determine each child’s eligibility for the program. Areas that will be screened include vision, hearing, motor skills, concepts and language development.

  • Use caution with testosterone treatment
  • Keeping kids safe when it comes to accessible family medications

    Lindsey Seel

    Bluegrass Drug Company

  • Henry County woman dies in I-71 accident

    by Alix Mattingly

    A five-vehicle accident left one woman dead and sent another three to the hospital, while shutting down traffic on southbound Interstate 71 for hours Tuesday.

    Sherry Bray, 48, of Pendleton, died after a box truck struck her vehicle and pushed it under a semi-truck, Oldham County Police said. She died at the scene due to her injuries.

    Oldham County Police were dispatched to the accident around 9:30 a.m. The accident occurred near the Oldham/Jefferson County line, over Haunz Lane.