Today's News

  • Wildcat JV Update


    On Dec. 21 the Henry County Wildcats’ JV defeated Walton-Verona 46-34. Ethan Tuggle led the team in scoring with 15 points. Jackson Jeffries added 12 points.


    On Jan. 8 the JV Cats defeated Carroll County 47-35. Jeffries led the way with 14 points and Gavin Jameson contributed 10 points to the cause.


    On Jan. 10 the JV Cats fell to Owen County 43-38. Coleton Aneszko led the team with 11 points and Jeffries and Jacob Buckley added eight points each.

  • Based on principles not politics

    By Nick Hawkins

    Next to being a husband and a father, serving our county as a Magistrate has been one of the great honors of my life. I have strived to make decisions based upon my faith, solid principles and the belief that an elected official should always vote for what they feel in their heart is right; even in the face of strong opposition.

  • Grandchildren say the funniest things

    By Joe Yates

    Those of us that have grandchildren are lucky. Those of us that have grandchildren and write a column for our local newspaper are doubly lucky. Why? Because we not only get to bore our friends, and sometimes complete strangers in person with stories of how smart and funny our grandchildren are, I get to tell you about mine in the newspaper. Ha!

  • Take 5 with Kevin Whitt

    Basic bio

    Native of Waterford, Michigan

    Graduated from Waterford Kettering High School 1988

    BA liberal arts degree from Southwestern Baptist University, Bolivar, Mo.

    Attended Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville.

    Associate Pastor at Pleasureville Baptist Church 1996 -2000.

    Founding pastor of Harvest Community Church 2000.

    Henry County Public Schools Director of Transportation

    Why do you have interest in theology and ministry?

  • Drennon hosted academy

    By Brad Bowman


    The hills of Drennon Springs once echoed with the drills of young cadets at the Western Military Institute.

    Between Drennon Creek, Indian Hill and an area known as Texas, the Western Military Institute commanded a slope looking toward the Blue Sulphur Spring and surrounding hollow. A college mostly for boys from aristocratic families, the Western Military Institute served as a recruitment resource for both the Union and Confederate armies. The Civil War would, as it did many things, help bring about its demise.

  • Candidates filed for 2014 Primary

    By Brad Bowman


    With the filing deadline just two weeks away for the 2014 Primary Election, a few new faces have thrown their hats in the ring for office.

  • Money Scam

    By Brad Bowman


    A new money scam hit several residents in Oldham County and possibly Henry County over the holidays. A caller impersonating a lieutenant in the Oldham County Sheriff’s Office tricked two residents out of $1,000.

    According to Oldham County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Meece, 10 people in Oldham County received a phone call over the holidays from someone who claimed to be Lt. Burns of the Oldham County Sheriff’s Office. The caller gave the office’s address and told residents they were being fined.

  • Public Record for the week of Jan. 15

    Sheriff Arrests

    Gary Wells, TBD-including cold checks under $500, arrested by Rick Nelson 1/6.

    Timothy Way, FTA, arrested by Rick Nelson on 1/9.

    Tiffany Gibbs, probation violation, arrested by Rick Nelson on 1/9.

    Christopher Corbett, flagrant nonsupport, arrested by Rick Nelson 1/9.

    Jessica Arvin, POCS meth 1st degree, drug paraphernalia, manufacturing methamphetamine 1st degree, POCS meth 1st degree (Trimble County), unlawful distribution of a meth precursor, arrested by Rick Nelson 1/9.

    KSP Arrests

  • Campaign season starts in full swing

    By Jon Park

    There is no doubt the campaign season is under way in Henry County.

    Back in November, the Henry County Local ran two stories on page one regarding the Henry County Sheriff. One on a “contentious” meeting regarding the sheriff’s budget, and the second regarding a questionable audit from the state auditor’s office. Interestingly, the similarly minor dings the Democrat-led judge-executive’s office received in the June 2012 audit were not reported.

  • Cold weather spurs retirement plans

    I don’t always act my age, but this recent cold snap sure has me feeling my age.

    I have been reluctantly edging closer and closer to middle age, much to my chagrin. Proof of that is beginning to be irrefutable.

    It is too loud.

    I would really like for you to go back inside and put on some decent clothes, young lady.

    I have no desire to see your underwear. Please pull up your pants.

    When leaving the house for any reason, I have an overwhelming urge to get home before dark.