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  • Port Royal girl finds magic


    Keylee Sturgeon sets her own limitations.

    Sturgeon underwent three open-heart surgeries before she was 6 years old.

    Despite her health complications, magic found her and her family in the most unsuspecting way.

    Jennifer Sturgeon and husband Buddy Sturgeon knew from an ultrasound that their daughter would have problems with her heart, but they didn’t know exactly what they would be.

  • Amid shutdown USDA and other agencies make contingency plans

    The federal government shutdown, now two weeks in, continues to affect Henry County not just farmers, but homebuyers.

    The shutdown caused the closing of the USDA office in Henry County where the Conservation District, a division of the Kentucky Department of Natural Resources, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service operated.

    Farmers can’t make loan payments processed through the USDA nor obtain them along with homebuyers seeking loans through the agency.

  • Halloween Homes

    Everyone says they decorate for the kids.

    For some, it’s the kid still inside of them.

    If you are taking your goblins and ghouls out trick or treating, don’t forget to stop and enjoy these festive homes gussied up for the holiday.

    Alma and Harold Lindsay at 251 Hillcrest Drive in Eminence expect about 200 costumed characters every year at their home. The trees outside their home hang not with fruit but small ghosts dangling from the branches.

  • Take 5 with Bill Brammell


    Graduated EIS 1973

    Transylvania University

    Business major with minor in history 1977

    University of Louisville Louis B. Brandeis School of Law 1980

    Former Henry County District Court Trial Commissioner. 1982-2013

    Former President Henry County Historical Society

    Eminence, Smithfield, Campbellsburg, Pleasureville and Simpsonville City Attorney.

    Why did you major in business and later go into law?

  • Once known as the Village Inn, house home to haunting history

    Many ghost stories contain a common thread.

    A tragic thread of love lost or the violence of the criminally insane commonly haunt the past, but these two haunts supposedly continue in the present under one roof.

    Thomas Smith known as the ‘Mercantile Prince of the West’ was born in 1790 when Kentucky was still part of Virginia. His father Nicholas Smith married Mary Jones and settled on 500 acres near New Castle. Smith inherited the farm from his father, but took an interest after his education in trading.

  • Run as fast as you can to the hills

    I started to wonder if I would get a chance to write another column on here to you. There’s been so much politicking on this page I thought perhaps we should rename it ‘The Podium’ or ‘The Primary for The Primary’ instead of ‘Opinion.’

  • The ‘No’ Party plays up the shutdown

    By Jon Park

  • Few states match our historic preservation

    By Rick Rand

  • Fall events and activities for the county

    The Living Well Club is designed for improving the quality of life of seniors. We cover balance, coordination, fall reduction and chronic disease with an emphasis on Living Well. Classes are from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Henry County Extension Office. There is a $6.00 annual fee. Classes are generally held three days a week. Call for a schedule or stop by on Oct. 21, 23, 25, 28, or 30 to try it out.

    Adult Sewing

  • 4-H begins new program year

    October is the official month that 4-H begins its new program year. While we have a great group of youth that are involved in 4-H across the county there is always room for more. I would like to encourage parents as well as those age eligible, ages 9-19, to take advantage of some of these great opportunities to learn and grow in a fun environment. Here are a few of the clubs that I would like to highlight this week.