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  • A perfect time to renovate your pastures for yield and quality

    February is an excellent time to boost both the yield and the quality of pasture and hay fields by adding clover. The old farmer’s adage is “sow clover in the dark of the moon in February on snow.”

  • Eminence High School Samantha Thompson

    Samantha is a junior at Eminence.


    What is your favorite subject?

    I really like my communications course at Bellarmine. With my pageantries, I need experience in public speaking. It will help give me confidence and I will need that when I have to talk to a jury when I need to plead my case.

    What would you like to do when you grow up?

    Lawyer. Criminal justice lawyer. It has always intrigued me since I was a child. I don’t know why.

    Do you have any pets?

  • Henry County High School Courtney Shockey

    Courtney is a junior at HCHS.
    What is your favorite subject?
    Web Design. I like designing web pages we get to experiment a lot with editing pictures. Use my imagination.
    I like that we have more freedom there, Mr. Mitchell just tells us what the website will be used for.
    What would you like to do when you grow up?

  • Campbellsburg Elementary School students of the month
  • School Brief

    Gibson named to Dean’s List

    Samantha Gibson of Pleasureville was recently named to the Dean’s List at Morehead State University and recognized for high academic achievement.

    Samantha is the daughter of Jerry and Carolyn Gibson of Pleasureville.

    Montgomery makes All-State Chorus

  • Public Record for the week of Feb.13


    Denise Needham, 36, Lockport to Bobby Westrick, 35, Lockport.


    Richard Wilson II, 65, La Grange, and Diane Sola, 61, Smithfield

    Timothy Henderson, 33, Pleasureville, and Crystal Jennings, 32, Bethlehem

    Timothy Hahn, 41, Campbellsburg, and Danielle Hahn, 35, Campbellsburg

    Steve Spencer, 49, Georgetown, Kathleen Winters, 37, Pleasureville

  • God, the flag and our money

    Michael Duncan

    I confess to having some “bad” thoughts. Facebook is the cause. I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook. Mostly I scan through some time during the day to see if any of my friends have posted anything interesting.

    There are some interesting things on Facebook, including some photos I had rather not seen.  But more often than not, it is the comments that friends post that bother me.

  • The House wasted no time moving ahead

    Under the rules that govern odd-year legislative sessions, much of the General Assembly’s work doesn’t begin until February and it ends about a week before the start of March Madness.  With four days set aside in January for organizational matters and one or two days in late March used to consider any vetoes, that leaves about 25 days to cover what is often a long agenda.

  • Tractor-trailer accident destroys vehicle leaves driver only bruised

    A tractor-trailer came over the hill on Mulberry Pike Monday carrying a load of flat-rolled steel from Steel Technologies near the Eminence Cemetery. The driver, Harold Devine of Eminence said a gust of wind pushed his tractor-trailer just enough to be in the ditch causing him to lose control of the vehicle. Eminence Police and Eminence Fire Department responded. Devine suffered bruises from a seat belt strap and sustained no serious injuries. The National Weather Service had issued a weather advisory for gusts of wind in the area that could reach up to 30 mph.

  • USPS proposes cutting Saturday mail

    The United States Postal Service has proposed eliminating Saturday letter delivery in an unprecedented effort to keep itself afloat and save $2 billion annually.

    USPS Board of Governors advised postal management last month to implement cost-cutting measures in order to avoid the further hemorrhaging of its finances.