Columns and Editorials

  • These are the ways abusers assert control over others

    When Ellen heard her husband come through the door, she knew this would be a bad night. 

  • Honor Flight needs your help to honor our veterans

    Many Americans don’t understand the commitment soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines make when they enter the military. Whether by draft or enlistment, every single one signed a check made out to the United States of America for an amount “up to and including my life.” And because only about 7 percent of Americans have made that commitment it is imperative that we pledge to caring for these heroes.
    There are thousands of veteran’s organizations. This is a story about a unique organization – Honor Flight.

  • A healthier you: Get off the couch!

    BY Mark Brockman

    Guest Columnist

    Are you a pretender? That doesn’t sound good, does it? But pretending can be a great thing when used correctly.

    Here’s what I’m talking about: motivating oneself by using one’s imagination.

    Snoopy did it. Remember? “Here’s the World War I flying ace in his Sopwith Camel flying at 2,000 feet searching for a dog fight with the Red Baron . . .”

  • Henry County Review of Books

    By Carden Willis

    What makes a hero a hero? Hollywood movies and comic books present us with larger-than-life figures who can swoop in and rescue us from crisis with their formidable strength and bravery. In reality, however, heroes are more often like David, humble and unassuming in stature, armed with simple, underestimated weapons.

  • A busy summer for the Henry County Chamber

    Holly Kinderman
    Henry County Chamber of Commerce
    It has sure been a busy summer in Henry County and fall is getting closer. The kids have started back to school and it won’t be long until all of the fall festivals will be starting.
    Just a reminder: The Henry County Farmers Market is still open and going strong on Wednesdays and Saturdays on the courthouse lawn in New Castle.

  • County and state road update

    By John Logan Brent
    County Judge-Executive
    Our office has taken more calls about roads in the last six months than in any other full year I can remember. This stands to reason since there are many roads in need of attention. The causes for these worsening road conditions are numerous: heavy rains and floods are more frequent, the volume of heavy truck traffic and traffic in general is increasing, and gas taxes are down while costs of maintenance are rising. The state gas tax that funds road maintenance is down 4 cents a gallon or 13% from 2013.

  • One editor’s effort to ask a question and remain fair

    One of my best friends from youth recently posted on social media a link to a write up entitled “Death: Reality vs. Reported,” which is a critique of how the news industry decides what to focus on and publish. And perhaps depending on your point of view, the critique does not seem like a favorable one on its face.

  • Sundays remind us of God's loving care
  • A sure bet for Derby or anytime you need a treat

    When I get asked where I grew up and answer Campbellsville, very few people know where it is right off. Unless they’ve visited Green River Lake, know someone that attended Campbellsville University or track Amazon packages through the distribution centers, most don’t really know the exact location. Often they wrongly assume it’s in Campbell County.
    I’ve found the best way to tell people about my hometown, actually located in Taylor County, is to tell them it’s 25 miles from Maker’s Mark. Everyone is familiar with Maker’s Mark bourbon and its famous red wax.

  • Our latest family member crept up to our front door

    Beth and I didn’t have to go looking for the latest stray we took in, a contrast to our combination hound/terrier, whom we adopted from the Humane Society. She just suspiciously showed up one evening.