• Letter: Taxes too high

    Taxes too high

    The June article on the county considering a 4 percent property tax increase was alarming. We here in our neighborhood recently got notices of increased assessments. Ours went up almost 24 percent! That’s a ridiculous increase if the assessor is not considering the age of the home, lack of updates and improvements or comparable sales in the neighborhood.

    Combine these two and you’re going to drive people out of the county. One or the other––either increase assessed values or increase the tax rate.

    Mary Whitford

  • Letter: Domocratic Socialism? No, thank you

    Democratic Socialism? No, thank you

    First, I would like to address and clarify some numbers when it comes to our great state:

  • Letter: Henry County GOP growing voters

    Henry County GOP growing voters

    The Republican voter registrations in Henry County has seen tremendous growth for the past 12 months, while the Democratic registrations have plummeted over the same 12 month period.

    This Republican Voter Registration trend is statewide. The State Democratic Party, the majority party, has fallen below 50 percent.

    In Henry County, the latest numbers as of June 17 show total voter registration has risen to 12,196 registered voters, an 11.85 percent increase since 2008.

  • Letter: Kentucky: We can, and must, do better

    We all have a special place in our hearts for the place in which we were born. There are countless things about our state that we all love: beautiful landscapes, southern hospitality, delicious soul food and a generally relaxed vibe.

  • Melton Family thank you

    The Melton family would like to extend a gratitude of thanks to each and every person who showed their outpouring of love and support during our time of need. The abundance of help, thoughts, prayers and love has been overwhelming and it would be impossible to individually thank every person. Please know how very much we appreciate everything that has been done for our family. God has blessed us with an amazing group of friends, family, church families and community support. You guys are forever in our debt. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


  • Kentucky: A beacon of freedom
  • Letter: New Cut Road thank you

    I want to thank Judge Brent, the county magistrates, Road Manager Kenny Tindle and Sen. Paul Hornback and other state officials for hearing our cry to keep New Cut Road open.

    We know that there is always upkeep to everything. State and federal roads face the same problems with pot holes, slips and even sink holes in their roads. Road maintenance is much like a mother putting three meals a day on the table for her family. She puts one meal on the table, she starts another meal, always constant care with hungry mouths to feed.

  • Letter: HOPE Center needs your help

    HOPE Center needs your help

    Please allow me a minute to update you on the status of the HOPE Center. The reality of our community having a place dedicated to providing treatment services and job training is getting closer.

  • Letter: Black history

    Your recent articles on Black-owned businesses in the 1940-70’s era reminded me of times with the two black businessmen, Buck and Bill Henderson. They, for many years, provided a vital service for my father on our farm on Highway 22 near Bethlehem. He would hire them to shear his sheep, which required skills that he never quite mastered.

  • Letter: Lessons from the Electoral College

    There is a growing call today for the Electoral College to be abolished. We are being led to believe that the Electoral College does not reflect the will of the people and that it isn’t fair anymore. This idea is not only erroneous in nature but is dangerous in practice. First, let’s look at a little-known fact about the Electoral College that most people gloss over in their United States history courses.