• Letter: HOPE Center needs your help

    HOPE Center needs your help

    Please allow me a minute to update you on the status of the HOPE Center. The reality of our community having a place dedicated to providing treatment services and job training is getting closer.

  • Letter: Black history

    Your recent articles on Black-owned businesses in the 1940-70’s era reminded me of times with the two black businessmen, Buck and Bill Henderson. They, for many years, provided a vital service for my father on our farm on Highway 22 near Bethlehem. He would hire them to shear his sheep, which required skills that he never quite mastered.

  • Letter: Lessons from the Electoral College

    There is a growing call today for the Electoral College to be abolished. We are being led to believe that the Electoral College does not reflect the will of the people and that it isn’t fair anymore. This idea is not only erroneous in nature but is dangerous in practice. First, let’s look at a little-known fact about the Electoral College that most people gloss over in their United States history courses.

  • Letter: Hello to HC citizens

    Please allow me to introduce myself and explain my role and responsibilities as the new code enforcement officer for Henry County.

    My name is Mike Sawalich. My wife, Joanna and I are residents here in Henry County, residing in the Smithfield area. We are the parents of six children and have ten grandchildren. I am a retired UPS manager of 30 years, who had the responsibility as the corporate air operations trainer.

    In addition to my work in Henry County, I am the pastor of Mt. Sterling Baptist Church in Vevay, Indiana, where I have served for 32 years.

  • Letter: A big day for HC

    Awareness, concern and determination in the community have resulted in Tri-County Community Action Agency’s purchase of the old Dollar General building in Eminence to be home to the HOPE Center. The goal is a center with multiple county services and links where individuals struggling with any type of addictions or job training needs can find resources close to home.

  • Letter: Response to Ms. Williamson

    To Ms. Williamson (letter, April 10), I’m so sorry you are unhappy with our lovely little town, especially after living here for less than six months.

    Since you state that you moved here to get away from excessive traffic, one would assume that you did your due diligence prior to choosing our community. If so, you would have discovered that Campbellsburg has always been a busy community. Even before I-71, Highway 55 and U.S. Highway 421 were major carriers of traffic. In fact, they were the primary routes to places such as Carrollton, Kentucky and Madison, Indiana.

  • Letter: Addressing rumors
  • Letter: Event thank-you

     We raised $2,684 for the Henry Trimble Animal Shelter vet bills AND two babies found great homes! We are SO grateful to everyone who came out and supported the Spring Fling. 

  • Letter: Campbellsburg problems

     I am not certain this will do any good at all, but I refuse to sit back and watch as things happen. In December 2018, we moved to Campbellsburg. We wanted to get away from all the traffic. 

    However, Campbellsburg too is seeing an increase in traffic and experiencing growth. When we first moved here, I realized the intersection at Highway 421 and 55 is extremely dangerous and not well-marked. It took some getting used to. 

  • Letter: Postmaster’s plea

     Did anyone bite you at work today? 

    On average, nearly 15 mail carriers per day will say, “Yes.” 

    Postal Service officials report that in 2018, 5,714 letter carriers experienced dog bites or dog attacks. With deliveries every day, including Sundays and holidays, carriers continue to experience dog bites in urban, suburban and rural settings. 

    Dog attacks and bites are 100 percent preventable when dog owners remain vigilant and properly restrain their dogs.