• Letter: Event thank-you

     We raised $2,684 for the Henry Trimble Animal Shelter vet bills AND two babies found great homes! We are SO grateful to everyone who came out and supported the Spring Fling. 

  • Letter: Campbellsburg problems

     I am not certain this will do any good at all, but I refuse to sit back and watch as things happen. In December 2018, we moved to Campbellsburg. We wanted to get away from all the traffic. 

    However, Campbellsburg too is seeing an increase in traffic and experiencing growth. When we first moved here, I realized the intersection at Highway 421 and 55 is extremely dangerous and not well-marked. It took some getting used to. 

  • Letter: Postmaster’s plea

     Did anyone bite you at work today? 

    On average, nearly 15 mail carriers per day will say, “Yes.” 

    Postal Service officials report that in 2018, 5,714 letter carriers experienced dog bites or dog attacks. With deliveries every day, including Sundays and holidays, carriers continue to experience dog bites in urban, suburban and rural settings. 

    Dog attacks and bites are 100 percent preventable when dog owners remain vigilant and properly restrain their dogs. 

  • Letter: Executive power out of control

    It’s interesting to hear people talk about how out of control our government is in America. We hear it all the time about how much federal overreach there is and how much debt we are in and how much we are taxed. We also hear these problems (seemingly) completely attributed to a single person. That person, of course being the President (whoever the President is at that time). 

  • Letter: Pendleton sewer response

    As newly appointed chairman of Henry County Economic Development, my responsibility is to pursue economic development to the highest standard. I have heard hundreds of times, we need sewers at the Pendleton exit to properly execute economic development in this area. The sewer issue in Pendleton is an old business topic. On March 6, 2013 the Henry County Local reported “Sewer access seen as critical for Pendleton business development.”

  • Letter: Changes to the fair

     Changes to the fair

    The Lion’s Club is excited to announce a new date and carnival for the Henry County Fair this year.

    The fair has been the week of July 4 for many years.  The people of Henry County have come to expect it. And the New Castle Lions Club, who hosts the fair, had all intentions of maintaining this traditional date.  However, in February, the carnival company we had booked backed out of our fair due to other engagements.  

  • Letter: Can we drop the farce?

     Can we drop the farce?

  • Letter: Crying wolf

    Crying wolf

    Most of us remember the tale, “The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf,” perhaps the best known of Aesop’s Fables, which presents a cautionary note about the critical importance of preserving credibility.

  • Letter: Unharvested tobacco

    Unharvested tobacco

    Upon hearing about so much unharvested tobacco in Henry County, I thought it would be an interesting and informative issue to survey. Therefore, I took it upon myself to do independent research. I want to thank all those people who helped me by providing information that they knew or found out about. I wish to share my findings with other Henry Countians, so here are my results of that research.

  • Letter: Senior basket thank-you