• America meant to be Christian nation

    In December 1791, the Bill of Rights was ratified by the states. Sixty-three years later, the establishment of religion was explained in Congress. 

    The Supreme Court of 1962 got it wrong. 

    America as a nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and it will not survive if we derive from that foundation.

  • Thanks for support

    The Henry County FFA Chapter and Alumni Chapter would like to sincerely give a special thanks to our Henry County community. We have been blessed with a supportive crowd for Burger Bash this year.

    We’d like to thank all general volunteers, the cooks and persons/businesses who donated their time and items to allow Burger Bash to be a hit yet again. 

    The silent and live auction went great.

  • New Castle Patriotic Festival coming up

    On Saturday, June 11, the New Castle Patriotic Festival will feature a great line up of musical entertainment, food, vendors booths, the Kentucky Historymobile and more.

    We will be recognizing the 75-year anniversary of the United States entry into World War II by honoring WWII Veterans. The Grand Marshals will be Henry County Korean War vets. If you know of one, please contact Brenda Doane at (502) 550-5664 so we can honor them.

  • Honoring Henry County's Fallen Soldiers

    A countywide Memorial Day Service will be held at the Eminence Christian Church Monday, May 30, beginning at 10 a.m.

    The Henry County Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary is presenting this program in remembrance of Henry County’s fallen soldiers. We hope you will join us in honoring our neighbors who gave all in the service of our country.

    Last year, we had a great turnout. Please join us again on May 30 at the Eminence Christian Church.


  • The true nature of Bernie Sanders and Socialism

    Last week, I read an article in the Letter to the Editor section of the Henry County Local titled “Voting for Bernie.” 

    In this letter, the author tries to significantly downplay the true nature of “Democratic Socialism” and Bernie Sanders. The author compares Sen. Sanders to Franklin D. Roosevelt, saying Bernie’s policies would be similar to FDR’s New Deal. 

  • Thumbs up to EIS

    I would like to thank and commend Mr. Metcalfe and his students [at Eminence Independent Schools] for the projects they are doing at our cemetery. 

    It’s been long overdue and to think it took someone not born and raised here to see a reason to bring something together that has always been known as separate. This is a great teaching moment for the kids. It’s the kids who will learn from this because they are our future and that’s where change will come from.

    Well done and keep up the good work.

  • Voting for Bernie

    I was pleased to see other folks in the county are familiar with Bernie Sanders.

    I have recognized that some folks are confused about Bernie’s identifying as a “Democratic Socialist.”  Please do not be fooled into substituting “communism” for “socialism.”  

  • Clinton is best choice

    Despite what Republicans and haters would like you to believe, Hillary Clinton is one of the most honest and accomplished presidential candidates in my lifetime. Despite all the lies, distortions and smear tactics used by Republicans, she is still standing strong. As for haters, I feel many of them are just misinformed and fell in the Fox News traps. 

  • In support of Moffett

    We are in the midst of a presidential election and all of us have been exposed to some intense political discussion over the last year. In light of that, it is refreshing to know that in Henry County you have two great candidates running for the office of 4th District Magistrate.  

  • Bridge dedication

    The Eminence Cemetery Board of Directors will recognize the continuing community service work of Steve Metcalfe’s students at a May 15, 2 p.m. gathering.

    The cemetery board will unveil a bronze plaque for the bridge built by Metcalfe’s science, technology, engineering and math-based class at that time. The public is invited to participate.