• Need community input

    The Health and Wellness Coalition of Henry County invite you to our regularly scheduled meeting on Feb. 18 at 10:30 a.m. to noon at the 4-H building located on the Henry County Fairgrounds, 1106 Castle Highway.  

    We have transformed from the Henry County Diabetes Coalition and hope to encourage the same type of education and resources that we have provided for diabetes, as well as prevention of chronic disease by learning about health lifestyles.  

  • Responding to Yates

    In last week’s edition, Joseph Yates penned an opinion page response to Melissa Blankenship’s column of Nov. 4, 2015 regarding gun control laws and mental health.  

  • Judge's farewell
  • Elected officials should listen to the people

    At the Jan. 19 fiscal court meeting, the alcohol sales ordinance first reading was presented. Included in the ordinance were the times and days of the week that package liquor/beer could be sold. This included Sunday from 1 to 10 p.m. 

  • Letters to the Editor, Jan. 13, 2016

    Recognizing the work of the school boards

  • Retirees to rally

    As members of the General Assembly return to Frankfort for the 2016 Regular Session, they will find themselves facing a multitude of challenges, one of the more critical being pension funding.  Legislative action in the 2013 Regular Session provided the framework for funding the plans managed by the Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS).  Public employee (and teacher) pensions will require tens of millions of new dollars in the budget simply to stem the erosion of funding levels.  

  • Right place, right time, wrong attitude

    A recent voters’ decision allowing Henry County  “wet” status was a countywide progressive movement mandating county leadership to take another look at our economic development policies and attitude.  The current negative attitude has guided Henry County to higher taxes, depleting savings and impaired services.

  • Disappointed with comments

    I am extremely disappointed by the comments made by our judge-executive in the article about the alcohol vote from the Dec. 23rd edition of the Local.  

  • Honoring retiring librarian

    Honoring retiring librarian



    Our wonderful bookmobile librarian, Linda Moore (pictured at right), is retiring after more than 29 years of service with the library. 

  • Stumbo's comments 'shameful'

    Stumbo’s comments ‘shameful’

    Throughout the campaign, and in his inaugural address, Gov. Matt Bevin has shared he wants a fresh start for Kentucky. He has said he wants to move beyond partisan politics. Over the past few weeks, Gov. Bevin has made great appointments for his cabinet secretaries. The latest is Rep. John Tilley, who happens to be a Democrat, as the next Justice and Public Safety Cabinet secretary. Tilley had served as the House Judiciary Committee chairman.