• Important to vote

    The League of Women Voters works to engage citizens in the democratic process and wants to alert Kentucky Republicans about the Saturday, March 5, Republican Presidential Caucus. 

    The caucus is a new and unfamiliar process for Kentucky and we want to be sure citizens understand this will be the only opportunity for Republicans to cast their ballot for Republican presidential candidates. 

  • Need more coverage

    I am just curious why the Henry County Local didn’t finish the month of February with anything about Black History Month. 

    I thought part of a newspaper’s job is to inform and educate the public. Families should also do this. 

    As I go through life with my young son, I try to educate him about going through life as a biracial person. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white or whatever, you need to know about your history. 

  • Caucus is Saturday

    This Saturday, March 5, is the Kentucky Republican Presidential Caucus from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the 4-H Building at the Henry County Fairgrounds. 

    All registered Republican voters (as of Dec. 31, 2015), will be allowed to attend and vote for the Republican presidential candidate of their choice.  

    Republican voters can arrive from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., be verified, as you would at a primary election, go into the voting room, vote and leave. 

  • Response to letter
  • Services for veterans

    On behalf of the patients and staff of the Robley Rex VA Medical Center, I am writing to take this opportunity to introduce Richard Hayes, an approved volunteer for the medical center. Richard Hayes has accepted a position as community outreach volunteer, working closely with the Hospice and Palliative Care and our veterans served by this very important program.

  • Republican caucus nears

    With the Iowa Presidential Caucus completed, and the announcement last week that Sen. Rand Paul has suspended his presidential campaign, we have received calls regarding The Republican Party of Kentucky’s Presidential Caucus. 

    The Kentucky Presidential Caucus will be held 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 5. In Henry County, the Caucus will be held at the 4-H Building at the Henry County Fairgrounds. 

  • Need community input

    The Health and Wellness Coalition of Henry County invite you to our regularly scheduled meeting on Feb. 18 at 10:30 a.m. to noon at the 4-H building located on the Henry County Fairgrounds, 1106 Castle Highway.  

    We have transformed from the Henry County Diabetes Coalition and hope to encourage the same type of education and resources that we have provided for diabetes, as well as prevention of chronic disease by learning about health lifestyles.  

  • Responding to Yates

    In last week’s edition, Joseph Yates penned an opinion page response to Melissa Blankenship’s column of Nov. 4, 2015 regarding gun control laws and mental health.  

  • Judge's farewell
  • Elected officials should listen to the people

    At the Jan. 19 fiscal court meeting, the alcohol sales ordinance first reading was presented. Included in the ordinance were the times and days of the week that package liquor/beer could be sold. This included Sunday from 1 to 10 p.m.