• Not about parties

    I’m not a liberal/progressive democrat, I’m not a republican. My party is the Watchmen Party. Read Ezekiel chapter 33 in the Bible.

    It’s not about what party you’re in. If you are a godly man or woman, one day you will stand before the Lord Jesus and you will have to give an account on what you do or say.

    We need to put men or women in office who will stand up for our Christian faith.

  • National Day of the Deployed

    We have many national holidays and days of observance during which we honor and celebrate significant historical events, figures and members of our society. Veterans Day, Memorial Day and POW/MIA Day are set aside to honor the service and sacrifice of our military.

  • Volunteer to make festival bigger or better

    Who “Lights-Up” New Castle?  Disappointed because there is no Light-Up scheduled? Have you considered why?  

    Charlie Sevier and a small crew worked on the City of New Castle’s Spring, Fall and Christmas celebrations for several years. He chose to resign from his leadership role in festival organizing. 

  • Business should offer more discounts

    With all the money that [a fast food restaurant] is making off of the citizens of Henry County, I asked do they have senior citizens discount meals and I was told they only discount coffee and some drinks.

    Dairy Queen does have senior discount meals, and myself being a senior citizen can’t understand why [a fast food restaurant], who is again making a killing, does not have them.

    Jimmy “Goodie” Goodloe, Eminence

  • Town's festival not exactly up to par

    I heard there may not be a Light Up New Castle this year because they are too tired. To me, that’s just plain laziness.

    You took over things, that means you have to do Christmas because the children look forward to meeting and telling Santa Claus what they want.

  • Company’s annual tradition shows appreciation

    On some anniversaries we celebrate. On others we reflect.


    The fourteenth anniversary of the attack on America and New York’s World Trade Center is one of the times for reflection. There is truly nothing to celebrate in the extraordinary tragedy of 9/11.

    As much as I would like to forget some of them, the images from that day will never be out of my mind, nor will the victims and their families.

  • Thanks for support

    We would like to express our sincere appreciation to those who helped make our Aug. 15 parade a success; for those who loaned us their cars, their time and those who rode in the parade. 

    We also are thankful to those who took time just to stand on the street and wave. 

  • Snakes serve purpose

    Thank you for Chris Brooke’s informative editorial on snakes. 

    Snakes are very beneficial in that they eat agricultural pests like mice, rats, chipmunks, grasshoppers, etc. 

    They do frighten people, but snakes generally will not bite unless attacked first. Even poisonous snakes, which are rare, want to get away from a threat rather than attack it. 

  • Wishing Hawkins well

    The Henry County Republican Party would like to wish New Castle Magistrate, Nick Hawkins (District 4) well in his move, and truly thanks him for his tenure on the Fiscal Court and for his years of public service.  

  • Christians have rights, too