• Prepare for judgment


    Are you ready?

    This question needs to be asked to everyone. 

  • School Board members recognized


  • In honor of True


    Upon learning that the Honorable Bobby K. True of Bedford intends to retire from the practice of law, I wanted to express my thoughts about a man who has had an extraordinary career.  

  • Many thanks


    Christmas 2014 has come and gone, leaving us with memories of the season and the events of the past year. And for the 56th year the Bethlehem Living Nativity was presented as a reminder of the real meaning of Christmas. 

  • Postmark change not welcome

    Anyone who has sent or received a Christmas/holiday card that was routed through the Bethlehem Post Office this year most likely noticed something different compared to previous years.
    Since 1947 the iconic image of the three Wiseman following the Christmas star has adorned any card that came through the Bethlehem Post Office. Local folks and even those from around the world send their cards just to have this special stamp appear on their cards. 
    This year however, anyone wanting this historic stamp will be sorely disappointed.

  • Thanks for donations

    I wanted to thank all the Henry Countians who donated Christmas Cards (old and new) to Henry County’s Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary. With your help we reached our goal of 1,000 cards. The cards were distributed to the Veterans’ Hospitals in Louisville and Lexington, as well as the Providence and Twin Oaks homes in Henry County.
    Next year with your help, we hope to include residents at additional veterans’ facilities. Now is the time to start saving cards for next year’s project.

  • Letters to the editor Nov. 26, 2014


    Student seeks Ky. assistance

    Dear People of the Great State of Kentucky,

    Greetings!  My name is Joaquin and I am a 5th grade student at Salida Elementary School in Salida, California.  

  • Cold hard facts

    Editor’s note:
    The following submission was written in response to a letter to the editor from Jim Guthrie that appeared in the Sept. 24 edition of the newspaper. On the deficit question, a Google search can find sources that attribute different numbers to different presidents.
    For example, an article on about.com, http://useconomy.about.com/od/usdebtanddeficit/p/US-Debt-by-President.htm, says that President Barack Obama added $6.1 trillion whereas President George W. Bush added $5.8 trillion.

    Cold Hard Facts

  • Diabetes an epidemic

    Diabetes an epidemic
    I have followed much of the political talk and the needs for Henry County because I am a community-minded person and desire that we elect the best for all positions.   
    One thing that has not been mentioned is that we need a healthy community, which produces a healthier population.  Our rate of chronic disease in Henry County is far above the national level. 

  • Looking for pageant director

    The Henry County Fair Board, on behalf of the New Castle Lions Club (a501+c(3) non profit organization), would like to fill the position of Henry County Fair Pageant Director.
    This is a volunteer position that would coordinate activities with the Henry County Fair Pageant Committee.
    The position will have responsibility for recruiting contestants, obtaining donations and/or sponsors, and providing all supervision for activities relating to the promotion and production for all Henry County Fair Pageants.