• Letter: Seeks support for MKSSF scholarships

    Scholarship fund seeks support for local students
    Growing up in Eminence in a Christian family, life sayings and lessons are given frequently. “Knock and the door will be opened to you,” part of Matthew 7. We had no doubt that education, life, love, adventure, service and more was within our reach.
    Unfortunately, in rural areas in Kentucky, including Eminence, the cost of tuition is rising in community/technical schools, colleges/universities (i.e. for-profit, non-profit, and private).
    The cost is estimated from $14,000 to $40,000, depending on the type of school.

  • Letter: Are you prepared for a disaster

    Are you prepared?
    As we look back nationally at 2017, there were many good things that happened. Unfortunately, there were also many incidents that displaced or hurt Americans and visitors and even caused loss of life.
    Some people think; “I live in Henry County, nothing like that is going to happen to me.” But if it does, are you prepared?
    The Henry County Emergency Management Agency’s slogan is “Prepare, Respond and Recover.”

  • Letter: Speak out against racist remarks

    Speak out against the president’s racism
    I am calling upon fellow Henry Countians, with or without Christian charity and Christ’s lessons in their hearts, all Americans who abide by the U.S. Constitution to openly denounce Donald Trump for his harmful, racists, disgusting remarks made on Jan. 11 in a meeting on “immigration reform.”

  • Letters: School board appreciation month and more

    Join us in school board appreciation month
    The students and teachers, the administrators and the service workers of both the Eminence Independent Schools and Henry County Public Schools Systems deserve praise for working hard in their roles. We are blessed to have some of the finest in the state.
    Equally deserving of praise are the members of each district’s board of education — not only for their work, their commitment to our students, but for their leadership.

  • Letters: Henry County is an organ donation program leader

    Henry County is an organ donation program leader

    During this season of thanksgiving and gift giving, I thought it was a great time to tell you how thankful I am to live in such an amazing county!

  • Letter: Democratic event a success

     Organizers call Democratic event a success

  • Letters to the editor for Nov. 29, 2017

    Food stamp calculations are messed up

  • Letter: Thanks for your help in improving park

    Thanks for helping Leadership improve the park

    The Leadership Henry County Class of 2016 would like to thank those who have supported our project with the donation of money and benches. 

  • Letter: Celebrate Recovery has new meals organizer

    Celebrate Recovery has a new meals organizer
    In April 2016, about two years ago, Henry County Judge-Executive John Logan Brent called together church leaders and asked us to consider our part in addressing the opioid crisis that our county faces. Some of the ministers and lay leaders began meeting monthly for prayer.
    As we met and prayed together, ideas for ministry began to emerge. Some ministers had previously used a particular addiction recovery program in their prison ministry and recommended it to us.

  • Letter: Stop the loitering

    When is McDonald’s going to stop all the kids from hanging around inside and outside of McDonald’s, creating trouble and making people uneasy about going in and out of McDonald’s?
    This past Friday, while waiting for my son to get off work at McDonald’s, I saw a kid minding his own business get harassed by these girls and boys standing outside to the point where he had to physically defend himself.