• The Money Party

    Joe Yates’ June 5 column pleased me particularly because of his mention of the  comments of Rep. Juan Vargas, wherein he reminded us of Jesus’ concern for and allegiance to the poor. It inspires the question: What kind of Christians are these conservatives? They wave the Bible at us as they campaign for office, but cast their votes like anybody but Jesus when it comes to the most vulnerable of our brethren.

  • A big applause

    I would like to send out a big applause to New Castle for their great Spring Fling, especially the parade. It was great.

    I especially want to extend a great applause and salute to Jeff and Pam Thoke  for all the time, work and effort, they put into  making it so pleasant for the Veterans. The time and expense they extended will never be forgotten.  It was so pleasant and well planned.

    Thanks again and I’m sure all of the veterans and especially myself will never forget all you did.

    Herman Stanley

  • Serve with a salute
  • Paying your respects

    While visiting the cemetery you may notice the headstones marking certain graves have coins on them left by previous visitors to the grave. These coins have distinct meaning when left on the headstones of those who have served or have given their life while serving in America’s military and these meanings vary depending on the denomination of coin.

  • Innovation and motivation

    If you have watched the news recently you know the space industry has moved from the government to the private sector. With this shift, humanity has a tremendous opportunity to secure the survival and expand the potential of our species. But the companies working on space travel need your interest in the subject to have the market motivation to pursue it.

    Several companies such as SpaceX, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin have started testing and developing the next generation of spacecraft and have even sent supplies to the International Space Station.

  • Sheriff and others to be commended

    On Saturday, April 27, Henry County Sheriff Danny Cravens participated in the national Drug Take Back Day.

    He and several of his deputies volunteered their time to host the event, which encourages citizens to bring their unwanted or unused prescription medications to a specific location for safe disposal. This protects the homeowner in a number of ways, including theft prevention.

  • Is the Postal crisis real or manmade?


  • Emergency Workers are invaluable

    They may wear a variety of uniforms and have different areas of expertise, but one quality binds all first responders: They’re the ones who immediately run toward an emergency when the first impulse is to run away.
    Their invaluable contributions have been highlighted in recent weeks in the aftermath of the Boston bombings, the ricin-poisoned letters in Washington, D.C., and Mississippi and the explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant.

  • Letter: To Mr. Stephens and Eminence City Council

    I just wanted to thank yourself and the city council for their support of the planned CVS Pharmacy.  Too many times government gives into the wishes of a few at the cost of the many.  Many residents including myself cannot wait for the added convenience a CVS pharmacy will bring.  Currently I have to drive all the way to La Grange to fill a prescription because I am not happy with the service that the one pharmacy in Henry County provides.

  • Letter - Thank you for coverage

    Thank you for your coverage of the beginning of the re-beautification program at the Eminence Cemetery. This was made possible by many people who responded to letters and calls.

    The Eminence Cemetery Board was elected in 2011 with the express goal to address the needs of the cemetery.