Did you realize that out of the 16 million Veterans who participated in WWII, there are only about 1.5 million still living. The U.S. is losing 800 to 1,000 WWII veterans every day, which means in five years most of the Greatest Generation will be gone.


    The Henry County Courthouse and Annex  will be closing at noon on Friday, March 29, 2013 in observance of Good Friday.
    Due to the Good Friday holiday, the Henry County Clerk’s Office will close at 11:30 a.m. Please do not wait until the last day to do your March renewals! The office will not open again until 8 a.m., Monday, April 1.

  • Do we embrace complacency or the future?

    Along with some of my fellow community members, I was grieved to hear that two more historic buildings were going to be demolished in order to create new businesses and jobs for Eminence. However, what saddens and perplexes me even more is that there have been many more that have fallen long before we arrived 17 years ago. Their memories remain in beautiful portraits that reside in City Hall.

  • Key bills make it to the Governor

    Although several major issues are still pending, the General Assembly wrapped up much of its work early last week, and for a “short” legislative session, there is already a fairly long list of key bills that have made it to Governor Beshear’s desk.

  • I just want my stairs back

    The stairs were removed from the inside wall of the KOI building on Main Street and laid out in the parking lot last week on their way to their new home in the new Browning’s building. I spent all one night cleaning off the loft we were going to use the steps on, only to find them gone. I have reported them to the police as stolen, however we have considered the possibility someone picked them up from outside the building thinking we were discarding them. If so, please bring them back. They are not yours. All will be forgiven!

  • Protecting military voters

    I want to thank Allison Lundergan Grimes for standing up for Kentucky’s military. Our military members make tremendous sacrifices to protect our rights and they deserve our best efforts to preserve their right to vote. It’s refreshing to see an elected official making that effort. I hope members of the General Assembly will join Secretary Grimes in standing up for the military and pass Senate Bill 1 as it was originally filed.

  • Pleasureville Economic Developemen

    Commissioner Diane Perry and I Commissioner Shawn Mertz  would like to invite all interested citizens, business owners, church leaders, and any other interested parties to the next Pleasureville city Commission meeting to discuss future economic development and city growth.  Henry County Judge Executive John Logan Brent, Magistrate Jerry Beasley, Shelby County Judge Executive Rob Rothenburger, Magistrate Bill Hedges will be present for the meeting. 

  • A new approach

    Prior to the mid-1970s, Kentucky’s judiciary looked nothing as it does today. There were nearly 1,000 courts back then, with many often having overlapping jurisdictions, and there was only one high court to handle all appeals. In a word, it was inefficient.

  • Trash the butts

    It isn’t trash! Or is it? Would you throw that cigarette butt on your living room floor, on your kitchen floor? Of course not! You’d be sure it wasn’t burning, and you’d put it in the trash. After all, a cigarette butt is trash, isn’t it? Look at our streets and roadsides. Cigarette butts, tossed carelessly, line our curbs, parking lots and roadsides.

  • Honored to call you friends

    On behalf of my wife and family, I’d like to thank all of you who have been supporting us with prayers and help during my battle with cancer. Since my August diagnosis, we have been blessed with hundreds of cards, letters, prayer supports from churches, organizations and individuals, and tremendous outpourings of friendship from the county and beyond! It has been nothing short of amazing, and we are very indebted to you all!