• Letter: Changes to the fair

     Changes to the fair

    The Lion’s Club is excited to announce a new date and carnival for the Henry County Fair this year.

    The fair has been the week of July 4 for many years.  The people of Henry County have come to expect it. And the New Castle Lions Club, who hosts the fair, had all intentions of maintaining this traditional date.  However, in February, the carnival company we had booked backed out of our fair due to other engagements.  

  • Letter: A Christmas thank-you

    The spirit of Christmas was alive and well at the Campbellsburg Community Center on Dec. 24, Christmas Eve. I want to thank everyone who took any part in the event: those who donated food, those who donated money, those who cooked food, so many young people who came to serve the food and those who packed and drove meals to shut-ins. This Christmas dinner was a real community event and effort and showed how neighbors can really care about each other. I want to thank each and every one from the bottom of my heart.

  • Letter to the editor: Keep New Cut Road Open

    Henry County Road Supervisor Manager, Kenny Tindle has closed New Cut Road East to Highway 202 and plans are to close it permanently, making it a dead end road.

    It is necessary to keep New Cut Road open and keep it in service. It has been in poor condition for 60 years, and we have survived it. I appreciate your sudden concern for our safety but it needs to be repaired, not closed.

  • Letters: Oct. 24, 2018

    LeeAnn Armstrong for Eminence

  • Trackside Butcher Shoppe endorsement


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  • A funny political message to voters in the upcoming election
  • Letters to the editor- Oct. 10, 2018

    Support the right candidate

  • Register to vote- Oct. 3, 2018

     Since July 1 have you noticed a 6 percent sales tax added to previously untaxed services?  This is a tax passed by Kentucky Republicans, including Sen. Paul Hornback, the first of this year.  If you use any of the below, you are paying extra.

  • To Seth Hall- Oct. 3, 2018
  • Retired teacher- Oct. 3, 2018

     As a retired teacher, I hear all the time how young people need to take civics courses and learn about our country and government.

    After watching the Kentucky Supreme Court pension hearing last week, I think Gov. Bevin’s attorney needs a few lessons on the different branches of state government and our constitutionally guaranteed system of checks and balances.