• Participate in school events - Oct. 3, 2018

    I am a grandmother, and my granddaughter went to New Castle Elementary School for three years. During that time period, I myself spent many hours at the school helping. I am really upset I guess is easy way to say it. 

  • Letter to the Editor - September 5, 2018

    It’s that time of year. School has started, kids are getting back in the groove and the notes are starting to come home. You know the notes–the one where the teachers ask you for items for the classroom all year, the one where the band has a fundraiser, the one where a team needs help. As a friend of many school teachers and as a past band booster president I would like to ask all of the parents to do just one thing this school year. Don’t make someone beg you for help.

  • Letter to the Editor - August 15, 2018

    Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions should be charged with kidnapping and convicted for their crimes against immigrant families at our borders. There is no other reasonable and just response to this outrage. Americans must acknowledge and actively resist this lawless president and his administration and its enablers. I, for one, have had enough.
    Democrats and Independents must get up off the couch and vote in the upcoming midterm election. A twenty or thirty percent response from voters is shameful and inadequate, because our democracy is under threat.

  • Letter to the Editor

    I believe we should start by reforming and protecting our elections. Everyone eligible to vote should be able to do so without unnecessary inconvenience, fear of being purged from voting rolls, or concern that machines that can be hacked in five or six minutes won’t count their votes correctly. And wherever possible, state and national legislative districts should be dawn by nonpartisan bodies to more fully represent the diversity of opinion and interests that is one of the greatest assets of our nation.

  • Letter to the Editor - June 27, 2018

    As director of student services at HCPS, I am given the task of enforcing mandatory student attendance. Not always a fun job, but very rewarding when I see the pictures in the Local at the end of the year of all our perfect attendance students.  To me, there is no better student accomplishment than having the fortitude and support to make it to school every day in a given year. It is a quality that transfers well into the “real world” of employment and domestic success.

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  • Letters: County to spread word about recovery programs

    County spreading the word about recovery programs

    Henry County community leaders are taking a stand in the battle against addiction and all the negative impacts it produces. 

  • Letter: Success stories from adult education

    Success stories from Adult Education

    Henry County Adult Education is off to a great start with three GED graduates so far this fiscal year!

  • Letters to the editor for Nov. 1, 2017

    Thanks for supporting the Washington Lodge

    We, the members of the Washington Lodge 1513 of the Grand United Order of Odd-Fellows extend sincere thanks to everyone for their help and support during our Sept. 30, 2017, fish fry fundraiser.

  • Letters: Ag Tag donations grow

    Ag Tag donations grow impressively 

    Wow! The news is in!  Ag Tag donations were up 11.27 percent from last year to 32 percent of all the farm tags renewed in this county.