• Letters: Thanks to the mystery clean up men

    Mystery men swooped in and cleaned up after storm
    In this world of bad happenings, there are still good deeds that need to be recognized.

  • Letter: Grateful that a trooper stopped to help

    Grateful that a trooper stopped to help
    On March 14, I was on my way to work and my car blew a tire. My brother came to change my tire. As I watched I thought of many people who have no one to help them.
    In a stormy situation, God can come to our rescue. For me, I think, that was not only my brother, but a Kentucky State Police officer Sgt. Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell pulled up to see if I needed any help — what a blessing for him to be stationed at Campbellsburg post!
    God always has a plan and for that I am grateful.
    Mallorie Bush

  • Letters: Stivers says he will keep sheriff's staff if elected

    Stivers says he’ll keep sheriff’s staff, if elected
    I am proud to again announce my candidacy for the office of sheriff of Henry County.
    Because of statements made that concerned many voters during the 2014 campaign, I want the voters to be perfectly clear that the personnel under the current administration will not be out of a job if I am elected.
    It would be extremely irresponsible to fire trained personnel who have been doing a good job.

  • Letters: It's not skin color. It's DNA.

    It’s DNA, not skin color
    As we observe Black History Month, I appeal to your values and common decency. Change the attitudes around you by embracing all people of color. Our connection is DNA, a carrier of genetic characteristics. When skin color is the focus, it ignores our spiritual, historical and genetic reality. Oftentimes, others determine racial acceptance by skin color. We deny each other. We are Americans bound by blood and humanity, not color.

  • Letter: Recognizing unsung community heroes

    Recognizing community role models

    During Black History month, some of the unsung are not recognized. They may not realize how they inspired, informed, guided or educated young people. Their conversations and actions are powerful. Some are gone now, but hopefully their families will relate to their impact and a bit of Black cultural legacy.

  • Letters: Object to state road cuts

    Object to state cuts of local road projects
    The governor’s proposed six-year road plan was not kind to much needed road improvements in Henry County.
    The plan defunded four projects and pushed back the start date on Ky. 146 phase I.
    The four projects that were defunded were Ky. 389 near Port Royal where the road is giving way to the river; Ky. 241 in Pleasureville, which included drainage and much needed sidewalk repair; Ky. 55, North Main Street in Eminence, where utility poles are literally a few inches from the roadway; and phase II of Ky 146, Clean Harbors to New Castle.

  • Letter: Seeks support for MKSSF scholarships

    Scholarship fund seeks support for local students
    Growing up in Eminence in a Christian family, life sayings and lessons are given frequently. “Knock and the door will be opened to you,” part of Matthew 7. We had no doubt that education, life, love, adventure, service and more was within our reach.
    Unfortunately, in rural areas in Kentucky, including Eminence, the cost of tuition is rising in community/technical schools, colleges/universities (i.e. for-profit, non-profit, and private).
    The cost is estimated from $14,000 to $40,000, depending on the type of school.

  • Letter: Are you prepared for a disaster

    Are you prepared?
    As we look back nationally at 2017, there were many good things that happened. Unfortunately, there were also many incidents that displaced or hurt Americans and visitors and even caused loss of life.
    Some people think; “I live in Henry County, nothing like that is going to happen to me.” But if it does, are you prepared?
    The Henry County Emergency Management Agency’s slogan is “Prepare, Respond and Recover.”

  • Letter: Speak out against racist remarks

    Speak out against the president’s racism
    I am calling upon fellow Henry Countians, with or without Christian charity and Christ’s lessons in their hearts, all Americans who abide by the U.S. Constitution to openly denounce Donald Trump for his harmful, racists, disgusting remarks made on Jan. 11 in a meeting on “immigration reform.”

  • Letters: School board appreciation month and more

    Join us in school board appreciation month
    The students and teachers, the administrators and the service workers of both the Eminence Independent Schools and Henry County Public Schools Systems deserve praise for working hard in their roles. We are blessed to have some of the finest in the state.
    Equally deserving of praise are the members of each district’s board of education — not only for their work, their commitment to our students, but for their leadership.